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Project Management Module for BA (Honours) Business Studies at London School of Commerce

Added on -2019-09-20

This module guide provides information about the Project Management module for BA (Honours) Business Studies at London School of Commerce. It covers the intended learning outcomes, attendance requirements, assessment, and more. The module is designed to give students an opportunity to be an individual contributor, working on a project team to define, plan and manage a project. The module introduces Project Management and identifies the tools and techniques to resolve problems associated with bringing projects in on time and within an established budget. The student will learn how to develop project proposals and project reports. Module assessment is composed of one 2000 words assignment and one 2000 word case study analysis.
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London School of CommerceProject Management Department: BA (Honours) Business StudiesAcademic Year: October – January 2017Peterborough1
ContentsTopicPage1. Key Information 12. Introduction to the Module13. Intended Learning Outcomes24. Outline Delivery25. Assessment36. How is My Work Marked?57. Assessment Offences88. Reading Lists99. Module Evaluation101. Key Information Module/Unit title:Project Management Module Leader:Chandranna RayadurgAll modules delivered by Anglia Ruskin University at its main campuses in the UK and atAssociate Colleges throughout the UK and overseas are governed by the AcademicRegulations. You can view these at In the unlikely event of any discrepancy between the Academic Regulations and any otherpublication, including this module guide, the Academic Regulations, as the definitivedocument, take precedence over all other publications and will be applied in all cases.2. Introduction to the ModuleThis module is designed to give students an opportunity to be an individual contributor,working on a project team to define, plan and manage a project. Particular focus is given tohands-on practice of the processes, developing a project plan, and using projectmanagement software to build and then present the project team results in class with adebrief of key points. This module introduces Project Management and identifies the tools and techniques toresolve problems associated with bringing projects in on time and within an established2 | P a g e
budget. Discussion will include topics such as project scheduling, PERT/CPM, resourcelevelling, team dynamics and cost estimates. The student will learn how to develop projectproposals and project reportsThe student will learn the primary elements of Project Management to such an extent thathe/she is able to develop a detailed project plan for a small or large- scale project.Additionally, the student will become familiar with negotiation, team building and quantitativeestimation skills. Module assessment is composed of one 2000 words assignment and one 2000 word case study analysis.3. Intended Learning OutcomesAnglia Ruskin modules are taught on the basis of intended learning outcomes and that, onsuccessful completion of the module, students will be expected to be able to demonstratethey have met those outcomes. LO1: Understand and critically comprehend the theory, concepts, practices and role ofproject management within businesses and organisations and its contribution to businessdevelopment, business functions and business successLO2: Evaluate and critically comprehend the importance and operational contexts for projectmanagement and project planning within organisations and its contribution to strategicdirection and business applicationsLO3: Devise and implement a project management plan for an identified organisation and/orbusiness contextLO4: Understand and demonstrate the importance of team development and delivery withinthe project management contexts with an organisation4. Attendance Requirements100% attendance is required. Attending all your classes is very important and one of the best ways to help you succeed inthis module. In accordance with the Student Charter, you are expected to arrive on time andtake an active part in all your timetabled classes. Anglia Ruskin will closely monitor the attendance of all students and will contact you by e-mail if you have been absent without notice for two weeks. Continued absence can result invarious consequences including the termination of your registration as you will beconsidered to have withdrawn from your studies.International students who are non-EEA nationals and in possession of entryclearance/leave to remain as a student (student visa) are required to be in regularattendance at Anglia Ruskin. Failure to do so is considered to be a breach of nationalimmigration regulations. Anglia Ruskin, like all British Universities, is statutorily obliged toinform the UK Border Agency of the Home Office of significant unauthorised absences byany student visa holders.3 | P a g e
5. AssessmentThere are 2 forms of assessment for this module:- one 2000-word assignment- one 2000-word case study analysis.Both are equally weighted which means each counts for 50% of the total marks. Assignment 11.Planning is an important and essential activity in many complex jobs in today’s modernworld. As complexity increases, the needs of a systematic planning is much moreimportant. You have been awarded a contract to create a customer database for the Fierce Lions football club. You will receive a bonus of £110 a day for completing the project earlier than project deadline estimated from critical path. The contract also contains a penalty clause in which you will lose £80 for each day the project takes longer than estimated deadline. The activity time estimates and their dependencies are shown below in the table:IDDescriptionPredecessorDuration(days)FL01System DesignNone2FL02Subsystem A designFL14FL03Subsystem B designFL15FL04Subsystem C designFL14FL05Program AFL23FL06Program BFL35FL07Program CFL47FL08Subsystem A testFL54FL09Subsystem B testFL68FL10Subsystem C testFL74FL11IntegrationFL08,FL09,FL1024 | P a g e
FL12Integration TestFL111a)Construct a network diagram identifying the following: [800 words/Equivalent]LO1i.Earliest Start (ES) – 5 marksii.Earliest Finish (EF) – 5 marksiii.Latest Start (LS) – 5 marksiv.Latest Finish (LF) – 5 marksv.Slack/Float on each activities – 7 marks vi.Critical Path for the project- 8 marksvii.Do you expect to receive a bonus of penalty on this project -5marks(40 marks)b)Assume that there is a delay of 3 days in completing activityFL06. Critically evaluate different possibleactions that the Project Manager could take to avoid exceeding the current length of the critical path. [500 words](30 marks)LO22. Critically discuss five factors that can make your project a success. [700 words](30 marks)LO3, LO45 | P a g e
Assignment 2 – Case StudyScenarioTera Byte, Inc. provides a variety of computer-related goods and services to customersthroughout the world. The corporate headquarters has more than 50,000 full-timeemployees, and another 30,000 full- and part-time employees are located throughout theworld. Your new CEO, John, came from General Electric, and he and his managementteam are ready to revamp the entire organization by implementing Six Sigma principles.The initial focus will be on training employees in Six Sigma and finding high-payoffprojects that will improve operations and decrease costs. You are a project manager in theInformation Technology department, and you have been with the company for more thanten years. You have met with other managers in your area, and you have suggested thefollowing potential projects:1.Online Six Sigma Training Program: Since the CEO wants to train many employeesin Six Sigma very quickly; your team thinks it makes sense to provide much of thetraining in an online format. You have researched several suppliers and you believeyou could outsource much of this project.2.Coding Performance Improvement Project: Even though Tera Byte is in the computerindustry, the information technology department does not think it uses computingpower economically because many programs are not coded for efficiency. Thecompany spends hundreds of millions of dollars for supercomputer and mainframecomputing power, and you believe that this project can reduce the number of largecomputers the company needs.3.Website Redesign Project: The Company’s corporate Web site has growntremendously in the last few years, and you are not sure that the current design isattracting new customers or meeting current customer needs very well. 4.Wireless Technology Project: There have been great advancements in wirelesstechnologies, and you believe that the company is not taking advantage of developingor using various wireless products.Tasks1.Prepare a weighted decision matrix using the template provided onstudent portal to evaluate these four projects. Develop at least fourcriteria, assign weights to each criterion, assign scores, and thencalculate the weighted scores. Write a one-page paper describingthis weighted decision matrix and what the results show. [400 words]6 | P a g e

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