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L'oreal Marketing Strategy - PDF

Added on - 23 Nov 2020

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Baker, M.J., 2016. What is marketing?. In The MarketingBook(pp. 25-42). Routledge.Fan, S., Lau, R.Y. and Zhao, J.L., 2015. Demystifying big dataanalytics for business intelligence through the lens ofmarketing mix. Big Data Research. 2(1). pp.28-32.Datta, H., Ailawadi, K.L. and van Heerde, H.J., 2017. Howwell does consumer-based brand equity align with sales-basedbrand equity and marketing-mix response?. Journal ofMarketing.81(3). pp.1-20.Sinapuelas, I.C.S., Wang, H.M.D. and Bohlmann, J.D., 2015.The interplay of innovation, brand, and marketing mixvariables in line extensions. Journal of the Academy ofMarketing Science. 43(5). pp.558-573.Hofacker, C.F., De Ruyter, K., Lurie, N.H., Manchanda, P. andDonaldson, J., 2016. Gamification and mobile marketingeffectiveness. Journal of Interactive Marketing. 34. pp.25-36.REFERENCESABOUT THE PRODUCTL'oreal's product strategy is very amazing forthe Shampoo because they have targeted two differentsegments including general people and professional one.This is helping the organisation to increase theircustomer base as well as their sales. Company mighthave faced problems like huge competition in the marketbecause there are many other companies which ismaking almost the same type of shampoo with sameingredients. Imitation problem is also faced by theL'oreal in their product shampoo because of the copyinghabit of competitors.L’orealMARKETING MIXINTRODUCTIONTARGETED AUDIANCECompany's target market is general public as well as theprofessionals because they are manufacturing products for theboth the purpose or for both categories. Some professionalshampoos are available in the market for professional saloonsand normal one are available for the general public who does notprefer to buy very expensive items.MESSAGEMessage that company wants to give their customers arethey are serving a good quality of products and only taking thosematerials which does not harm the environment whilemanufacturing it. Other than this, company is also taking care ofevery type of customers by launching different varieties in oneproduct.L'oreal is the cosmetic company dealing in manyproducts like hair colour, shampoos, skin care,make-up products etc. this came into existence in1909 and headquarter is in France. Among all theproducts of the organisation, only shampoo is takento further understand the concept.Product SpecificationsThese are the two different type of shampoos thatL'oreal is making for different segment of people.Bottle in pink is the Nutri gloss shampoo, this isbeneficial for the hair as it helps in making hairsmooth and free from friziness. Other benefit of thisshampoo is that it makes hair strong and thick thisshampoo is made for the common people and for thelow/middle income group of customers.Other one in golden bottle is the professionalshampoo made by the company to target theirprofessional customers like stylists, saloon,celebrities etc. this are made with more professionalelements in it which help the customers to maketheir hair grow and stay strong. It is also beneficialmaking hair straight and shiny. It gives aprofessional look to the hair as well as nourishes it.“Importance of products in marketing mix”
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