(PDF) Low Academic Achievement: Causes and Results

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Running head: ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAYArgumentative EssayName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
ARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY1“Thus, for many students, past failure, provided objective evidence of their academicinadequacy” (Cox 6).It can be said that the unknown fear creates a wall that the students can notbreak in order to study. This can be said that there are students who think they are not being ableto challenge new problems as they are restricted with a certain amount of knowledge. It is alsoevident that the students afraid of studies.“In short, students with this growth mindset believe that intelligence is a potential thatcan be realized through learning” (Dweck 1).According to Dwek, the primary reason behindstudents demotivation is their absurd concept regarding intellect. There are number ofstudentswho think that people have a certain amount of fixed intellect or mindset ((Dweck, Carol).According to Cox, the primary reason behind students’ failure is their fear for studies. Dwek andCox may state different theories in order to evaluate student’s motivation. However, they bothhave emphasized on the idea of motivating the students to learn. This can be said that they bothagreed in one particular point that students may find their failure as their turning point andlearning is the only solution that a student can get.“A fixed mindset makes challenges threatening for students (because they believe thattheir fixed ability may not be up to the task) and it makes mistakes and failures demoralizing(because they believe that such setbacks reflect badly on their level of fixed intelligence”(Dweck 1).According to Dweck, the students must understand that theintellect and intelligencecan be improved with learning. It can be happened that they may not do a task with their intellectthey have. However, there is no need to be demotivated with their failure. They can work ontheir failure if they start studying hard. He correctly stated that the students should be inspiredwith positive motivation. It is important to appreciate their work and make them feel that they
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