Shakespeare’s Tragic Hero Example - Macbeth

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MACBETH2MacbethA tragic hero is made from some of the features that describe the kind of a person whobefalls it. Typically, a tragic hero is the character of a high build, from a principled background.An individual who is good in nature but agonizes from self-inflicted downfalls from his ownpersonality flaws. Therefore, Macbeth is one the suitable example that describes theShakespeare’s tragic hero[ CITATION Cam17 \l 1033 ].Hence, the play stages those who seekpower due to political determinations causing a high corporeal and psychosomatic damage onthemselves. Power craving is a political game played by many in pursuit of greatness, but manyshortcomings are associated. Macbeth is a political victim labeled to be one of the tragic heroesdue to a number of contributing factors that assert him.Macbeth is described to be a person of a high stature at the beginning of the play, anindividual who is courageous and he had earned himself a name in Scottishkingdom[ CITATION Gre15 \l 1033 ].It is seen from the prophecy of the three witches that hewas going to be the next head of the Scottish people, and this indeed shows that Macbeth wassomeone of an excellent reputation with high political significance. In act 1 scene 2 Duncandescribes Macbeth as “well-intentioned gentleman and a cousin who is worth a Thane,” showingthe kind of respect and whom leaders will talk highly of him, not knowing the kind of a man,was going to be[ CITATION Boo13 \l 1033 ]. Macbeth was driven by theprophecy made by thethree witches and believed to inherit the throne after Duncan. This thought made him be quick inhis mind, and he started thinking of how he was going to achieve this.
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