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Macro Economics Assignment

Added on -2020-11-23

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Macro Economics
1. Table of employed, unemployed and labour force in Singapore from 1950 to 2014Information regarding employed, unemployed and labour force of Singapore is gatheredof 64 years. Aspects which are considered in this table are total population of Singapore, labourforce, unemployed people in thousand and employed people in thousand along with labour forceparticipation rate. YearsPopulation (million)Labour forceUnemployed(Thousand)Employed(Thousand)Labour forceparticipationrate(%)19509065253619601.659065253619702.8101584355.319802.4180.83842.863.219903.0542.52517.563.220004.03119972264.120105.081561253166.120145.471421053766.8From the above table, it has been analysed that by years unemployment rate of Singaporeis increasing. Reason of this unemployment can be increasing rate of labour force participation.2. Table of inflation and deflation by CPI and its changes by percentageInflation: It is a situation in which price of goods and services rise but the purchasingpower of an currency continuously declines. It can affect the economy in positive or negativeway.Deflation: When price of goods and services falls but the purchasing power of a currencyincreases, it is the situation of deflation. It happens when money supply of a economy is fixed.CPI: Customer price index is a measure that examines the weighted average of prices ofa basket of consumer goods and services by which inflation and deflation rate of a country canbe analysed.YearsPercentage change in CPICPI19501.00404858324.719511.004032258124.819520.98393574324.91

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