MACVILLE Disciplinary Dismissal Policy

Added on - 21 Apr 2020

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MACVILLE Disciplinary Dismissal PolicyPolicy StatementIt is a policy of MacVille that ensures that dismissal of employees due to termination andresignation is efficiently and professionally handled with minimum or no workplace disruption.ApplicabilityThis policy is applicable to all the employees of the organization.Detailed Policy StatementPart 1I.An employee’s contract of employment may be terminated by either the employeror the employee giving the notice required by the applicable Award or theIndustrial Relations Act 1990.II.Where the prescribed notice is not given, the employee shall be paid wages in lieuof notice, or the employer may withhold wages due to the employee, as the casemay be, equivalent to the notice not given or received.Part 2I.Notwithstanding Part 1 above, where any employee is guilty of misconduct, thecontract of employment may be terminated instantaneously. In such cases there isno requirement for the giving of notice or payment in lieu of notice.II.Where it is alleged that an employee is guilty of misconduct, the employee shall beprovided with details of the allegation/s and be given a reasonable opportunity to
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