Magazines with Same Target Audience

Added on - 08 May 2020

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MAGAZINE2IntroductionTarget audience is, as the name suggests, the audience which is targeted in a particularaspect. When it comes to the magazines, they face a tough competition, more so due to theadvent of digital age, where apart from the hard copy magazines, a swift competition is facedfrom the soft copy magazines. This is amplified when the targeted audience is the same for themagazines. Cosmopolitan and Glamour are two such magazines which have the same targetaudience, yet are same in every other aspect. This discussion will evaluate which set of magazineis better in comparison to the other.Magazines with Same Target AudienceGlamour and Cosmopolitan are two magazines, who have the same targeted audience, inparticular the youth, focused towards fashion and all things “bling”. The two magazines arepublished by two different publishing houses, where Cosmopolitan is published by Hearst and onthe other hand, Glamour is published by Condé Nast. The former came into being since the1960s and the latter exists since 1939 (Maier, 2014).Even though they have the same set of targeted audience, there is supremacy of one overthe other. Both magazines are focused on fashion and lifestyle, where they also cover things likehoroscopes, quizzes, and things regarding sex and relationships. But when the two are compared,Cosmopolitan, is more on the sexier side as it has more oomph and is cannier in comparison toGlamour (Am, 2012). Glamour also covers all these aspects, but in a more sophisticated manner.So, even though both the magazines target the same fashion loving audience, one does in a crafty
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