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MakeBelieve, L.L.C:Network TopologyTable of ContentsCompany Profile3Organizational Roles5Network Topology7Database Access10References14Attachment 1: Cyber Risk Assessment Report 15Attachment 2: System Audit Policy21
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1.Company Profile MakeBelieve, LLC (MB) is a start-up company, which was founded in 2016. MakeBelieve is aservice-oriented company, which operates as a Networking-as-a-Service (Naas) provider as wellas the provision of customized network monitoring services for organizations that maintain cloudcomputing applications. Due to the rise in cloud computing and virtualization technologies,companies are increasingly opting to adopt services from third party providers as opposed toowning and maintaining their own systems. The emerging NaaS market is a market of vendors who provide virtual networking services forcloud applications. As customers move towards virtualization and cloud applications, NaaSvendors operate responsibly for handling networking activities as the emerging cloud platformshave sought to separate segment traditional networking components. These services couldinclude but are not limited to Virtual Private Network (VPN), bandwidth services, multicastprotocol, security firewall, intrusion detection and prevention, content monitoring and filtering,and antivirus software. As a relatively new startup, MB primarily focuses upon VPN, securityfirewall, intrusion detection and prevention, content monitoring and filtering, and antivirussoftware with plans to expand our current offering. Cloud paradigms have gained significant popularity as customers have sought to focus primarilyon application-based architecture as opposed to maintaining the costly middlewares that arenecessary to ensure product scalability. Currently, the three services being offered besides NaaS2
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are Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service(SaaS). Among these available virtualization services, NaaS operates between the SaaS layer andthe IaaS layer. Although MakeBelieve is a relatively small company, we also provide analyst monitoring of ourcustomer's networks. To achieve this tasks, our analyst utilizes open-source network monitoringtools such as wireshark to monitor our customer's network traffic. This data is directly fed intoour databases, which is directly connected to Tableau to allow for real time analysis of thenetwork traffic of our customers. Furthermore, our onsite Data Scientist utilizes python todevelop networking specific algorithms to provide more in-depth understanding of networktraffic patterns that could be deemed malicious or otherwise unwanted. In the next section, we examine the various roles within the MB organization. In this section, weexamine each role and their specific responsibilities. 2. Organizational Roles Currently, the organization maintains the following employee structure: Chief Operating Officer(CEO), Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Principal Data Scientist, Database Administrator,Senior Cyber Network Analyst, and Mid-Level Cyber Network Analyst. Since MakeBelieve is asmall NaaS service provider, it is essential that the organization’s members collaborate andmaintain multiple roles within the organization. Table 1 provides a basic breakdown of theresponsibilities of organization members. As a growing organization, responsibilities are wideranging and often times overlap with the duties of other members of the organization. 3
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Table 1: MakeBelieve (MB) Roles and Responsibilities Role Responsibility Chief Executive Officer(CEO)Responsible for developing and implementing the long-termstrategy of the organizationChief Technology Officer(CTO)Responsible for technical and scientific components oforganization developmentDatabase AdministratorResponsible for managing and maintaining various databasesystems Principal Data ScientistResponsible for developing Machine learning algorithmsthat can be used to process data within the company Senior Cyber NetworkAnalyst Provides direct leadership to Cyber Analyst Team Cyber Network Analyst Analyzes network traffic behavior and provides real-timeanalyses for customers Operations StaffManages the daily operations of MB As presented in Table 1, the division of responsibility among members of MB is quite diverse.As an organization, the CEO is responsible for developing and implementing the long-termstrategy of the organization. Given the relatively small stature of our organization, the CEO isalso responsible for ensuring the financial longevity of the company. Within the organization, theCTO is responsible for overseeing the technical implementation of new technologies andtechniques within the organization. As the company continues to grow within the emerging cloudmarket, the CTO is responsible for understanding and harnessing these emerging cloudtechnologies for our customers. Outside of the executive personnel, MB relies heavily upon itsoperations team to provide top quality service and spur the growth of our organization. The Principal Data Scientist is primarily concerned with developing and optimizing the variousmachine learning algorithms that are implemented to process the network data in real-time. Therole of the Data Scientist is essential, as the algorithms that are used to process network activitymust constantly be optimized as new patterns emerge. 4
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The Database Administrator manages the databases throughout the organization by creating,modifying and updating the organization’s tables while ensuring the integrity of the data. As ananalytics company, which uses data to develop a platform for our service, we are highlydependent upon the work of our Database Administrator to assist with developing andmaintaining our database system. The Database Administrator also is the responsible forconfiguring our database and ensuring that the integrity of the data is maintained. The Senior Cyber Network Analyst is responsible for coordinating the overall customer effortsof the Cyber Network Analyst. The Senior Cyber Analyst is also responsible for overseeing thework and activities of the more junior cyber analyst. Finally, Cyber Network Analysts areresponsible for analyzing the network activities and relaying their insights to customers. TheOperations staff assist in maintaining the daily operations of the MB organization. 3. Network Topology Diagram 1: MakeBelieve External Network Topology 5
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Diagram 1 was created using Creately SoftwareIn Diagram 1, we present the external MB network topology. Within our organization, we have awireless router as each of our employees is provided with a MacBook Pro for work-relatedactivities. Given that we operate in an open work environment, work laptops provide optimalmobility for our employees. Within the work environment, we employ wireless networkarchitecture, while within our wireless network, we employ both an external and internalfirewall. To ensure that we maintain a secured connection to our application, we also utilize aVirtual Private Network (VPN) to connect directly to our cloud application. Diagram 2: MakeBelieve Internal Cloud Application 6
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