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Making a Presentation: Bizops EnterpriseHow Bizops Company would approach the feedback process for this project1
1.0 PurposeThis Presentation provides a checklist for an induction project at Bizops. This is inline with the Bizops policies and procedures and it complies with the law. Ithighlights ways in which Bizops approaches for a feedback process. Thispresentation facilitates for an induction process in which new staff members who arejoining Biz Ops Enterprise receive an overview of the company. This processconnects individuals, facilitators and Bizops as a company.1.2 OutcomeAt the end of the presentation process, the new employees shall become part of theteam. A review of the presentation by the managers shall follow and managers shallhave a chance to evaluate the staff on the presentation.It is expected that the members can access company policies through:The company profileTemplates of presentationCompany vision, mission and value statementsOrganizational chartsBusiness planCompany sustainability policy2
Work-life balance policyWHS policyMembers and participants are expected to prepare a briefing with specific roles andresponsibilities. This is followed by a preparation of audio-visuals and materials forthe presentation. An evaluation of the observation feedback and data collection toolsshall add to the feedback.It is necessary that each member participating practice the presentation with self-evaluation for the best outcome. Changes can be made to the main points but theproject criteria will determine the success of a presentation. This independent taskdoes not require assistance from an assessor or personnel although reference may bemade to material.1.3 Target AudienceThese are people from different backgrounds with physical abilities, in line withantidiscrimination laws, equity and organizational access. Target audience alsofeatures those in duty of care with skills practice necessary for participation. In orderto do this, it is crucial to consider:Assistance from a scribe, record keeper etcPut in place the necessary equipmentFacilitate for access to the venue and facilitiesArrange for specialist support in areas of specialityMake modification to the environmentMake use of reliable equipment and technologyOthers who are part of the presentation have specific roles and responsibilitiesincluding:1.4 LocationThe induction is within the BizOps offices in Sydney Australia. Held within theconference hall, the Induction plans to have a single day event for all presentations.1.5 Duration of SessionEach session lasts five to ten minutes and comprises of information about thecompany in a short and simple language. There shall be two sessions with tea breaksat 10 am and 4 pm. Lunch is at 1pm and the final session ends at 5 pm.1.6 Briefing the partiesThe managers and team leaders shall hold briefs concerning matters arising andtopics of discussion. Clarification from the CEO comes at the start and completion ofthe program.1.7 TopicThe Topics under discussion vary from one department to another. In case ofillustrations and graphics, the presentation shall take much longer. Answers fromnew questions shall be covered within the impromptu session towards the end of thepresentation.3
1.5 Presentation StrategyPrevious experience in a specific topic facilitates for easier presentation. This givesthe audience the trust. This includes work related, personal, training, career, oracademic levels of experience. Presentation influences people’s attitudes and grabsthe attention of keen listeners.1.6 FormatThe presentation format is in form of slides with audio-visual applications.Background music shall give space for change of topic and after each segment. Thisshall include a five minutes segment for questions.1.7 Presentation Aids/ Materials/TechniquesListening and questioning techniques used include:Use of closed questions and definite responseUse of open questions for detailed responseSpeaking clearly to avoid ambiguityCareful listening skillsLook out for body languageParaphraseA review and analysis of the documents in the initial stage includes a brief ofrequirements. This is also essential for presentation drafting, identification of guestspeakers and formal documentation for budgets and audience lists. The resourcematerials used includes:Business technology tools and devices ( internet, computer devices and slidepresentation apps)Company documents comprising of policies, templates and company profile.These are available online in the specific web links1.8 Language literacy and NumeracyThe plan ensures that the audience feels part of the group by reducing languagebarriers and encouraging participation in order to boost confidence. Provide thenecessary support from Bizops Company before individual presentation in a largegroup of unknown members.The use of multiple learning modes ensures that the audience is suitable for aninformed audience. This includes encouraging different members to participate andtake advantage of the opportunity in various aspects. Resource support, audio-visualdisplay and graphical charts are resourceful.1.9 Presentation DeliveryThis is a combination of strategies for clear and simple presentations. It covers:4
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