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WRITTEN QUESTIONSQuestion 1:List and describe 3 measures of personal performance that you use or have used in theworkplace1.Time management:In this I evaluate every day that within how many times I am able to meetwith particular objectives or complete the assigned tasks.2.Quality of work:With the help of assessing standards and qualities of my own work at theworkplace I am able to determine my performance in the firm.3.By taking feedbacks:In this I have asked questions to my peers, subordinates and seniors whichsupports to me for taking feedbacks. It is one of the best tool which supports to me in order tomeasure my personal performance at the workplace.Question 2:Provide a summary of the policies and procedures that do help or could help you to meet yourexpected levels of performance at workIn the business every employee thinks and expects that his performance will be improveand deadlines will be meet within in adequate manner. For such kinds of achievements there aretime management skills, proper researches, increase communication skills after attending theseminars etc. support up to the higher level. Moreover, by using several process like take properguidance, update with the market trends and conditions, work with the honestly, meet with thedeadlines etc. are used by me which help to increase performance level within workingenvironment.Question 3:Review the DISC personality traits model identify your personality type. Explain how your personality type may influence the wayyou manage your timeUnder the DISC model of personality traits there are four kinds of personalities includedwhich are like Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. From these all mypersonality type relies under the Influence because I have the behaviour of enthusiasm up to the
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