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MGT600 Management, People and Teams

Added on - 03 Oct 2021

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Management people and teams
Answer 1.
Causes of staff retention in the case of CST
Lack of growth and progression
It has been seen that the opportunity and growth is very important for the employees. If any
employees did not get the opportunity then the motivation towards the work of employees is
decreased.In the case of CST, the employees want the high position in the company such as
in the technology department and many others but they did not get the opportunity in the
company. Lack of growth is the major reason of staff retention for the company. Lack of
opportunities is the major disadvantage for the young employees and millennial employees of
the company. The senior management has to develop the environment in which the employee
can encourage towards the work. So, that the employees gives their best in the market
(Anvari, JianFu& Chermahini, 2014).
Being overworked
CST is the multinational communication software and system developer serving company
which serves the services to many industries. The company operates in many places which
states that the company has high demand of their services. Due to delivering the services in
the country; the company has overloaded work in the company. Overworked is not beneficial
for the health of employees that is the reason of leaving the company. Selection between the
personal and work life is very difficult for the employees. Overworked is the major reason of
staff retention in the company.
Poor Employee selection
Except the employees reason the major reason for the staff retention is that the company has
poor selection process. CST is the multinational company and also operates in the many
countries which states that the company hire the number of employees to deliver the
maximum services. It has been founded that the company hiring the number of employees
which is a disadvantage for the company. The company hire the employee but the hiring
process of the company is not so strong that is why the company face the staff retention.
Human resource department of the company has the responsibility to hire the employees in
the company. HR department plays the important role in the company in the case of hiring
the employees. It has been founded that the HR department of the company fails to hire the
good number of employees(Guilding, Lamminmaki, & McManus, 2014)..
Answer 2.
Poor employee performance
Poor employee’s performance is the reason of lack of motivation in the company. The senior
management of the company has to develop the motivated environment so that the employees
get the attracted towards the work. The motivation environment of the company encourages
the employees to give their best towards the work. The company can motivate the employees
by providing them the rewards and incentives as the extra payments(Herzberg, 2017).
Low employee engagement
Communication process
The company face the issues of low employee engagement due the many reasons but the
main reason of the low engagement is the lack of communication process. The senior
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