The Proactive Approach of Social Responsibility

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Management #41Part A 1.Briefly, describe what social responsibility means to you personally.Social responsibility is defined as the set of behavior patterns that will define that how actionswill provide benefit to the society. Individuals have to attempt the active or proactive approachwhen it comes to social responsibility. In my opinion, the proactive approach of socialresponsibility, which is the easiest on to follow for avoiding the activities that will adverselyaffect the society. This includes no smoking , no littering , careful driving and becomes thesensible member of society. (Kolk,2014) Being an educator , in my opinion, I believe that thechange will come on from my side by making positive changes in the minds and actions of mystudents, which in one way or other positively affect the young generation. For making mystudents socially responsible I have to focus on motivating them for the actions that have beendone by them for the benefit of society, by being courteous and rational with them. 2.Do you think business organizations should be socially responsible? Provide two (2)supporting facts to justify your response.In my point of view, the businesses which are just following the law are not socially responsible.For instance , the business which pays its workers no less than minimum wage , is not act associally responsible but if the organization by its own will pay the low skilled employees ahigher wage than the minimum , is the act of being socially responsible.In the present scenario, the organization's main aim is to earn profit but earning the profit willalso be made in terms of the societal benefit than it is termed as the socially responsible act.

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