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Sustainable Studio

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Added on  2022-12-30

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The planet is facing numerous changes in the present time with initiating new weather patterns and frequent natural disasters. This brings out various environmental challenges that have the potential to disrupt the landscape of the earth drastically.

Sustainable Studio

   Added on 2022-12-30

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Sustainable Studio_1
Writing Task 1
The planet is facing numerous changes in the present time with initiating new weather
patterns and frequent natural disasters. This brings out various environmental challenges that
have the potential to disrupt the landscape of the earth drastically (Cunningham et al, 2013).
Some of the common issues that our planet is facing are pollution, depletion of natural
resource, deforestation, depletion of ozone layer and loss of biodiversity.
Taking out causes of deforestation, it includes –
The first cause is logging where wood-based industries such as paper, furniture,
matchsticks, requires a significant amount of wood supply. Most commonly, wood is
used as fuel and so large amount of trees are cut down for fuel deliveries. Even
charcoal and firewood are used as fuel.
The other big reason for deforestation is the conversion of forests into agricultural
land as the demand for food products is continuously increasing and various trees are
being axed for cattle grazing and crops.
A large area of forestland is required for mining of oil and coal. Construction of roads
results in deforestation as they offer the way to remote land. Environment gets
pollutes and nearby species are also impacted due to the waste coming out from
mining pollutes.
Urbanization is another big cause for deforestation as the population grows, forestis
shrinking to a great extent while meeting out their various needs such as development
of houses, construction of roads and expansion of industries (DeFries et al, 2010).
Writing Task 2
The other term for increasing global temperature is Global warming with the emission of
greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide is continuously increasing in the atmosphere trapping heat
and warming the planet. It is up to many centuries puts a greater risk of irreversible changes
unabated in the atmosphere (Millar et al, 2016). There are various causes of higher global
temperature, which are either natural or anthropogenic/human. Various scientist has reported
that greenhouse gases have been the major factors towards global warming which is triggered
by both natural and human forces. Natural changes in the earth environment over time
attributed to natural causes. These include phenomena such as solar energy, volcanic
eruptions, and greenhouse gas concentrations. On the other hand, human impact on the
Sustainable Studio_2
climate system including rising concentrations of atmospheric greenhouse gases, air
contamination, rising concentrations of airborne particles, and variation of land. It was
identified that human action has vastly amplified the concentration of CO2 in the air. For
instance, emission from power plants and cars increases the amount of radiation the sun
releases that drive temperature rises where the first one is trapping the heat and the second
one by raising energy which transformed into heat (Omer, 2008). Other than this, it includes
heat-trapping emissions from burning coals, gas and oil in cars and cutting down and burning
forests, black carbon pollution and alterations in land use that also impact planet albedo. In
addition, Fossil Fuels burning by humans emits tiny particles in adding to freeing CO2 in the
air. Hence, knowing human actions are the significant driver of global warming aids in
understanding why and how the climate is shifting.
Writing Task 3
One of the major sustainability issues is change in climate, a threat to humanity form up by
greenhouse gases from burning fossil fuels and the demolition of areas that accumulate
immense amounts of carbon such as the world’s rainforest. The various suitable solution for
this sustainability issue includes foregoing fossil fuels, infrastructure and transport
upgradation, less consumption and afforestation. Forego fossil fuels can be done by
employing substitutes when likely – wind power, plant-derived plastics, biodiesel and also to
capitalize in change like by disinvesting from oil stocks or financing in organizations
practising carbon capture and loading (Wold, Wilson and Foroshani, 2011).
In extent with infrastructure upgradation, drastically advancing current highways and
transmission lines would benefit in cutting down greenhouse gas emissions and let financial
development in the emerging nations. In addition, with upgraded cement making practice
(like adopting another fuels to fire up the Kiln) could effectively decrease greenhouse gas
emissions in the industrialized countries and prevent them in emerging countries. Other than
this, transportation upgradation is the second prominent source of greenhouse gas emissions
and relevant sustainable solutions using mass transit, shift to walking or pedaling, or some
other modes of transportation. Leaving long distance travel will also be helpful, most
generally, aeroplanes, which is known to be one of the fastest increasing causes of
greenhouse gas emission. However, there alternative is already available like jets rely on
kerosene. At last, afforestation will be also considered as sustainable solution as every year;
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