Management and Art and Science Assignment

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The term management means managing all the thing in effective mode. By managing all
things in systematic way the organisation can achieve success. The term management can also be
defined as art of getting things done through others. The all individual in organisation should
work with proper and expertise skill so that they can able to achieve long term profitability. The
management can be both of type science or art (Aydın, 2017). It can be called as science because
it can be define in systematic body of knowledge in order to bring the all activities of
organisation in effective way. The science is based on identification of specific finding, facts and
various kinds of events. These kinds of activity are help to have effective solution to their
problem. It is very helpful because it is able to define cause and effect relationship between
various terms.
It can be called as art because it is helpful in order to have effective application of ideas and
skills in manner to achieve the desire result. It is kind of both personalised application as well
theoretical principles so that target can be achieved.
Management as an Art
The Art is also essential in order to have desire result in business enterprise. It can be
done with the help of application of personalised and theoretical knowledge which is learned by
the person through practices and experienced. It can be true to said that in art manager uses his
experience, knowledge and skill to get the better and desired result (Management as a Science.
2017). By working in this the manager can have solution to their problems. The Art has to
included following characters are as-
Practical knowledge- in art is very essential to have some practical knowledge of the theoretical
principles so that thing can be conducted in better and effective manner. With the help of
experience person can perform their rile in more expertise way.
For example- to be a painter it is not only enough to have idea about colours and brush but he
also should have practical skill in using of designs and conduct the thing in proper manner
(McKinley and, 2017). A manager of the organisation can never do any activities in
effective manner if he is not using any practical knowledge to his theoretical concept therefore it
can be true to said both kind of activities are essential to have better application of things.
Personal skill- it is very essential to have person skill in person so that he can able to do his
work in more effective and efficient manner (Bakke, 2017). By taking all this kind of activity
into observation person can perform in better way. In this manner the organisation is capable in
manner to achieve desire result. Person should also have his own style so that he can able to
perform function in efficient manner.
For example- there are various numbers of painters in market but only selected of them are
In this way it can be true to said that the manager can get success by applying knowledge and
skill in practical manner in this way the organisation can get success.
Creativity- In this every artist need to do his activities in effective and efficient manner. The
creativity is very important element the person can be more creative if he is practising his
theoretical knowledge in practical manner. On the basis of his experience he can perform in
better and effective manner. The creative is coming with the combination of intelligence and
imagination (Shojania and Grimshaw, 2017). The art of giving and performing something which
can never performed by any other that it require art to do thing in effective manner with the help
of using of his creative knowledge.
Perfection through practice- The every person can perform his role in more effective manner if
he capable to take activities in efficient manner. This can only be done if he practises each idea
with the application of theoretical knowledge. With the help of this he gets experience and can
observe what the wrong or right. Any person can do his task in more proficient way if he is used
to going through constant practice of various things.
Goal oriented- The theoretical knowledge way to performing the work is helpful to achieve
desire profitability in organisation. The manager is also work in manner to gain pre determined
goals of the organisation. In this manager need to use various kind of resources such are as men,
money, material, machinery which all are helpful in order to accomplish goals and promote
growth to the business enterprise.
Thus, it can be said that management is as art therefore it requires application of various kind of
principle so that he can conduct all the activities in better and effective manner. With help of this
kind of process person can able to achieve desire result.
Management as science
The science is referred as systematic body knowledge it is very helpful in manner to do
the things on the basis of cause and effect relationship between two or more variables which can
help in order to govern the principles in more expertise way (McKinley and, 2017). In this

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