Management and Leadership


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Leadership Management
Management and Leadership
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Management and Leadership
Leadership is a process of motivating and influencing others or a group of people to act
towards achieving goals. Leadership theories emphasizes on why and how individuals become
leaders. Some of the leadership theories that are discussed in below sections are trait theory,
transformational theory and contingency theory (Bertocci, 2009). Further, Elon Musk is
selected as a leader to understand the influence on leadership style on organization. He is the
founder of Tesla and possesses transformational leadership style to run his organization. As
leadership style of a leader has great influence on the workplace culture and on the behavior of
employees because leader has ability to induce and motivate others towards achievement of
objectives. The leadership theories that can be applied to understand the leadership style of Elon
Musk are trait theory and transformational theory. So the below sections highlights the dominant
style of Elon Musk in his organization and the negative and positive impact of his style on
organization and comparison with other leaders who have different leadership style from Elon
Musk and implemented it in the organization successfully.
Leadership styles differ because of different traits and situation this statement can be best
understood with the help of identifying a leader traits and style named Elon Musk, founder of
Tesla. Trait theory describes the traits of a leader or characteristic that a leader possesses that
make a leader different from its followers. Each individual have some traits that make them a
bad leader or a good leader. Trait and behavioral theory states that effective leadership style
depend on various variables such as culture of organization, task or nature of job as no one trait
can define the best leadership style (Dobbs, 2016). Whereas, contingency theory states that
leadership styles are depend on the situation and leader change his leadership style as per the
situation in which he lead. The focus of contingency or situation theory is on three elements that
are; task requirement, peer’s behavior and organization culture (Ghasabeh, Soosay, &
Reaiche, 2015). Musk dominant style of leadership is transformational style as he
possesses traits like long term vision, innovativeness, decisiveness and team work. Elon Musk is
one of the visionary leaders that focus on setting up bigger goals for employees so that they can
contribute best of their abilities. The positive impact of his leadership style on organization is
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