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P4. Internal and external factors influencing management styles.Internal factorsThese are those, which are under the control of organization no matter whether they are tangible or intangible. Itis helpful for a company to analysis its strength and weakness and based on its management can take further actions for theimprovement of business. Therefore, it is important for Wa-Pila to identify those internal factors that can affect theperformance of firm. As management, consist of planning, organizing and controlling the business activities in order toachieve the goals of corporation. A management style is the particular way manager go about accomplishing the predefinedtargets. As there are various types of management styles, which are as autocratic, democratic etc.As Wa-Pila follow democratic management style in its organization because management of hotel involve the employeeswhile taking a decision. The structure of a company has depended upon its size and nature of business and it has verticalstructure in the corporation. As there are various, internal factors, which are as, mention below:Complex business demands and alignment:For a hospitality sector, it is important to satisfy the desires of consumersand all people have different demand so it is complex situation for the organization to fulfil the needs of all individuals. Aspeople has distinct types of requirement regarding food, which involves Chines, Mexican, Spanish, Indian etc. They wantdifferent types of services and facilities such as free Wi-Fi, Gym, swimming pool, bar etc. so it is important for company tomake alignment in order to fulfil the expectations of consumers. As technology is increasing and people are moreconcerned about so it is important for Wa-Pila to use computers while recording the details information about their clientsand it is helpful for hotel to maintain records for a long term. It may positively influence management styles becausemanager listen the suggestions of individuals and it will be beneficial for the business growth.Innovation:As the technology is changing frequently and now a day’s people make order online so it isimportant for Wa-Pila to deliver online food products so that demands of consumers can satisfy. It makes apositive impact for the growth of organization as well as management style. As the organizational structure iswider so all department of hotel has to emphasis towards innovation so that business can sustain for a long run.Page1of2“The influence of Technology onManagement and LeadershipStyles in Hospitality ServiceSector, The Way Forward”.
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