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Management and Operations Assignment - Marks and Spencer

Added on - 04 Oct 2020

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INTRODUCTIONOperation management is the key activity of business that helps in managing process andorganising activities in systematic manner (Hitt, Carnes, and Xu, 2016). It is responsibly ofmanager to ensure that operations are efficient and it can meet customer requirements. Presentstudy is based on Marks and Spencer (M&S) that is the leading fashion firm. It provides amazingtrendy cloths to buyers as per their requirements. Current assignment will define role ofmanagers and leaders. Furthermore, report will explain situational, system and contingencyleadership. In addition, key approaches of operation management will be described. In addition,impact of external business environmental factors on business will be explained.TASK 11. Introduction of M&S and its management structureMarks and SpencerM&S is the leading retailer that provides trendy cloths, home products to consumersacross the world. Michael Marks have established it. Recently entity has more than 979 stores, ithas generated revenue of 10.622 in the year 2017. Furthermore, operating income of companywas 690.6 million in the same year. M&S has employed 84939 employees worldwide. Infinancial year 2018, it has recorded 10.70 billion profit that is 0.7% higher than previous fiscalyear (Marks& Spencer,2018). The main agenda of enterprise is to expand its business across theworld and satisfy its consumers. Entity always ensure to provide high quality products to itsbuyers so that they become loyal towards brand.Management structureManagement structure is the hierarchy arrangement in business in order to conductoperations smoothly (Haksever and Render, 2018). There are various kinds of structure: line,functional, divisional. Marks and Spencer follows line structure. In this, each person has definedclear role and responsibilities. This type of structure is very simple and it is easy to understand.Responsibilities of each person are clear and each individual is accountable for fulfilling theirduties effectively. This structure gives benefit to business in order to manage changes inworkplace.2. Role, characteristics of manager and leaderLeader is the person who has responsibility to lead all team members. Individual influencespeople in team and make them ready to contribute well in achieving organisational objectives.1
Manager is another important person in business who is responsible for controlling andmanaging all the employees. Both managers and leaders have different characterises a role inMarks and Spencer (Hitt, Xu and Carnes, 2016).CriteriaLeaderManagerMeaningLeader is the person whoinfluence decision ofsubordinates so that they canperform well in M&S.Manager is the person whomanages all activities andenhances coordination amongall functional units.OrientationLeaders are people orientedpersons because they have totake care of their team andhave to make themcomfortable in the workplaceManagers are task-orientedpeople and they alwaysensure that given task is beingcompleted within specifiedperiod of time.ConflictLeaders are responsible forminimising conflict situationsin M&SManagers have to avoidconflict by implementingnegotiation strategyApproachLeader’s role is to set directionfor followers so that allManager’s role is to makeplan so that positive results2Illustration1: role of leadersource: (the role of leader,2014)
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