Importance of Operation Management: Assignment

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Management and operations
Table of ContentsINTRODUCTION1TASK 11P1 Roles and characteristics of Leader and Manager1P2 Role of leader and manager in different situations2P3 Theories and models3TASK 24P4 Approaches of operations management4P5 Value and significance of operation management6P6 Factors influencing decisions of managers and leaders7CONCLUSION8REFERENCES10
INTRODUCTIONLeadership and management can be defined as a very crucial component of anorganisation. They help the company in achieving their determined organisational goals byplaying various functions and roles. Tesco is a public limited British multinational groceries andretailer whose headquarter is in Welwyn garden City, England, United Kingdom. It was foundedby Jack Cohen in 1919, 100 years ago. This present study will cover and show about theimportance of operation management and their key approaches (Abdullah and Ward, 2016).Approaches of operations management includes total quality management, just in time inventory,six sigma approach etc. With the help of these approaches, a manager can easily manage their allthe functional activities and processes. There are various external factors that also impact on theactivities of an organisation in a positive as well as in a negative manner. Leaders and managerboth play various functions but differ in some factors as their roles and characteristics differ fromeach other.TASK 1P1 Roles and characteristics of Leader and Manager Leadership: Leadership can be defined as an ability to lead and guide a group of peopleand employees by developing a clear vision among them. Leader of Tesco plays variousfunctions in order to lead their followers in an effective manner such as: setting goals,organising, directing and motivating employees. It has some qualities such as it has the ability toinspire others, they have positive attitude, they are open minded and they have goodcommunication skills (Aldholay and, 2018).Management: Management refers the ability of organising and managing all theactivities and processes of an organisation. Managers also plays various functions in Tesco Plcsuch as organising, planning, controlling & directing. Managers have some qualities that makethem able to manage all the functions effectively such as: discipline, etiquette, patience,competence, confidence, effective decision making skill etc.There are some differences between characteristics and roles of both managers and leaders suchas:LeadersManagerA leaders of an organisation possesses a longA manager possess a short term view.1
term prospective. Leaders focus on doing right things.Managers focus on planning, organising andmonitoring.It is original & innovation in the nature.It is administrative and copy by nature.The main focus of leader is on its people andfollowersMain focus and aim of manager is onorganisational structure and system.Leaders creates a vision, manager create goals:Leaders create a picture of a vision as what they see and need to be achieved and theyinspire their employees for turning vision into reality. They know that skilled employees canwork better with collaborating and working together than individually so they focus on engagingthem. Whereas, manager of the company concentrate on setting and achieving goals(Amanchukwu, Stanley and Ololube, 2015). Leaders build relationship, managers build system:As all know that leaders focus on people & they perform all the activities fordevelopment them. They know that who are their stakeholders and spent most of the time withthem in order to build trust and loyalty with them. On the other hand, manager of Tesco Plcfocus on organisational structure and its system and manage them for achieving desired goals.P2 Role of leader and manager in different situationsTesco is facing various problems and situations like labour turnover, completion of tasks,interpersonal conflicts etc. Leader and manager of Tesco Plc play different roles and functionsfor reducing these types of situations and make an effective working environment. Roles andfunctions of leader & manager of Tesco plc in diverse situations are defined as follows:Labour turnover: The main important situation and problem of Tesco plc is staffretention. There are various reasons that make employees feel to leave the organisation likeineffective working environment, unequal pay, lack of communication etc. With the help ofclassical management theory, manager of Tesco Plc, plan their working activities and providesvarious benefits and incentives to them in order to encourage them for increasing output andsatisfaction. With the help of situational theory, Leader also play their roles and in this particularsituation they try to identify the reason and needs of employees. They play role in this type of2

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