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Management and organization - Assignment Sample

Added on - 27 May 2021

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Running head: MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONManagement and organizationName of the studentName of the organizationAuthor note
1MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONIntroductionIn the current business state of affairs, one of the major challenges being faced by thebusiness organizations is to cope up with the rapid change in the market trend. In order to do so,they are in the need of change management in order to have the flexibility to change the existingorganizational structure according to the situation. However, in relation to the implementation ofthe change management process also, there are number of challenges being faced by the businessorganizations. One of the major challenges being faced is the resistance from the side of theemployees. Thus, it is important for the business organizations to have effective means toovercome these challenges.This essay will discuss about the different measures that can be initiated to overcome andmitigate the resistances from the employees in implementing change management process.Moreover, different literatures will be used to review and critically analyze the effectiveness ofthe discussed measures.Employee communicationOne of the major sources of employee resistance is to not having effective and positivecommunication between the employees and the management. Without having the propercommunication among the internal stakeholders, it becomes difficult for the managers to identifythe needs and requirements of the employees prior to the implementation of the change. This ledto the emergence of the resistance among the employees due to the non-fulfillment of theirrequirement and issues. In this case, initiation of the effective communication will be the mosteffective measure to overcome the resistance in change. According to Bateh, Castaneda andFarah (2013), upper level management should initiate effective process of communication in the
2MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONorganization along with having direct contact with the lower level employees. This will ensurethat issues and challenges of the employees will get properly communicated to the upper levelmanagement. On the other hand, having effective and favorable communication process in placewill also help the upper level management to communicate the benefits of change process to theemployees.The authors have also stated that employees tend to resist to the change in major casesdue to the reason that they do not have the clear idea about change process. Majority of theemployees tend to believe that they are going to be affected from the implementation of thechange management. Thus, according to the authors, having the effective communicationchannel and process will ensure the employees are properly communicated regarding the benefitsof the change process. This will help to reduce the negative perception from the employees.Employee involvementInvolvement of the employees in the implementation process of the change managementis important due to the reason that it will help the management to design the approach of thechange management according to the requirement and areas of development. According toShirey (2013), Lewin model of change management will help in having an effectiveimplementation of the change management and overcoming the probable challenges. Accordingto this model, the first step to be followed in the implementation process of change is to unfreezethe existing organizational processes and systems. In this step, upper level management involvesall the associated stakeholders in identifying the issues and challenges of the employees. Thus,the areas of improvement will get identified. According to the authors, this will have dualbenefits for the management by having proper identification of the issues along with
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