Management and Organizational Behavior Analysis

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MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOURManagement and organizational behaviourName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Notes
MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOURWith the current changes occurring in the business environment and consumermarket, it is essential for all business organisation to implement organisational change inorder to better sustain and survive in the market. The performance level of the employees alsoneed to be enhanced, which will help them to respond immediately to the changes that arebeing implemented in the external business environment.Due to this change of environment in the business, the managers within anorganisation has to enhance and improve upon their performance level in order to deal withthe challenges and implement effective decision. There is also the pressure of performanceimperative, where the experienced managers are given the responsibility to maximize theorganisational performance with minimum amount of resources. In the given context, thisessay will reflect upon the challenges that are encountered by the managers of theorganisation to deal with business environment change and implement policy with minimumamount of resources. The essay will also highlight and analyse the performance that isrequired to implement hyper competitive strategies in the context of the current businessenvironment.According toShields et al.,(2015), the managers and organisational leaders play themost important role in implementing organisational change, which is highly common in thecontext of today's globalised environment. The organisation faces different kind of challengesin the form of resistance from the stakeholders while implementing the process of change.Hence, there is no doubt about the fact that the manager within the organisation need toimplement the change management plan and change management theory that is needed toremove the barriers that is obtained from the resistance of the employees. It is also importantto note the given context that the managers also have to deal with new forms of resources inorder to properly ensure the change is being implemented. Nevertheless, as mentioned by
MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOURKras et al.,(2017), it is important to note that due to the excessive pressure of the businesscompetitive environment the management of an organisation often enforces the manager toimplement change with minimum amount of resources. One of the major issues that areencountered during the process of Change management is due to the fact that most of theemployees have to incorporate themselves into the new style of work profile in order toperform better with the changing environment of business. This requires high level of trainingprogram that has to be incorporated by the managers. Hence, the managers have to decideand make plan about the training programs, which will require extra working hours. It is theduty of the managers of the leaders of the organisation to properly ensure that effective andquality training have been provided to the employees in order minimise the effectsorganisational conflict.Nevertheless, one of the major issue that are encountered in a context of the currentbusiness scenario is due to the fact that all organisations are aiming to minimise theexpenditure level in order to increase the total volume of profit margin. This has been a majorchallenge for the leaders and managers of individual department. For example the manager ofHuman Resource Department has to ensure that we are able to get the best quality of labourin minimum salaries that are given to the Employees. In the given context it is highlychallenging for the human resource manager to improve upon the working skill of theemployees. Another major issue of the Human Resource Department during the time ofChange management is due to the fact that most of the employees are not able to cope upwith the excessive pressure of new working skills. Hence, there is an increase in the volumeof employee turnover that has serious effect on the performance level of the organisation.Another important challenge for the managers of different department within theorganisation is to implement new organisational structure that is common in the context ofimplementing change. It has been often reported that the manager of different department
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