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Sample Assignment on Management

Added on - 27 May 2021

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Executive SummaryThe nominated company for this report is Apple Inc. Using the company as a reference point,this report has identified both the electronic and non-electronic communication methods andpractices utilized by the company. In addition to that, this report has conducted a SWOT analysisof the company’s overall communication methods and strategies including the general findings.The evident competitors of the Apple Company have also been identified and analyzed in detailswhile also focusing on their communication practices. Finally, this report has listed the variousrecommendations and suggestions that can be utilized to enhance communication.
Introduction and BackgroundApple Inc. is an American based company which specializes with manufacturing ofcomputer software, personal computers, smartphones, and other related accessories. Thecompany was launched on January 3, 1977 and currently has multiple segments includingAmerica, Greater China, Europe, and Japan. Over the years, the company has grownsignificantly as it offers its customers with stylish and [powerful devices. This report will look atthe various communication strategies utilized by the company.Key non-Electronic MediaOne of the key non-electronic media utilized by the Apple Company is verbal. This is aform of communication which is executed via face-to-face. The target audiences of this form ofcommunication are mainly the customers and the company’s staff (Hutt, 2012 P.34). In theApple store, for instance, a member of staff will rise up and explain a certain product to thepublic. The prime aim of this form of communication is to enlighten the Apple customers aboutthe various products so that they can make informed purchase decisions. On their part, thecustomers are given a chance to ask questions and receive direct answers. In other cases, thesupervisors apply the face to face method to communicate with their juniors and give instructions(Ginter, Shear, Spahn, Van Wie, and Weber, 2014 p.65). It is an excellent method ofcommunication as both parties can express their wishes or give comments to each other. Besidesthat, this method enables Apple Inc. to exchange hard copies with the staff members.Apple also uses billboards as a form of communication. This form of communicationtargets the general public. The billboard communicates to all the potential customers who havethe ability to purchase the company’s products. Moreover, this form of communication shows
the stylish and elegant nature of Apple’s products and also includes a short message to persuadepeople to purchase the product. The billboards are erected in strategic and busy places whichmean that the message is not intended for a certain group of people, but rather a wholepopulation (Mason, 2013 p.78). Another non-electronic media that is used by the company is theinvoice. The invoice describes the quantity and quality of each commodity, description ofservice, the price, and the payment address. It is a legal document as thus it treated as such. Inother words, the company can present the document in court as evidence of an incurred debt. Thetarget audience for this communication method is mainly individuals with outstanding pay andthe buyers.Notably, Apple Inc. uses memorandums for internal communication purposes. The maintargets are mainly the departments of the organization and the employees as well. The maincontents of the memorandum are usually new developments within the company. Apple Inc. alsouses letters to address various stakeholders including employees, customers, and suppliers. Theletters are of high standards and often have a clear objective, introduction, details, and gives thereader clear instructions on how to respond (Iacono, Lyon, and West, D., 2011 p.73). The lettersfrom the company can take various forms such as informal or formal, strongly advising orreasoned, and/or impartial or emotional. The letters can be sent to any of the stakeholders aslong as they are literate.Key Electronic MediaThe Apple Company utilizes DVDs widely to reach the target audience including thecustomers, employees, and suppliers. The contents of the DVD may, for instance, containinformation regarding a new product that has been launched by the company and thus the need to
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