Importance of Virtual Marketing Team in Management Communication


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Introduction This paper will elucidate, the importance and significance of forming the marketing managementvirtual team. The primary motive of this paper is to highlight the relevance of establishing the virtual team and to produce the decision in an effective manner. This paper will highlight the case study analysis in which significant of a virtual team and it demerits have been mentioned. Inorder to complete this paper the resources which have been analyses are all secondary in nature. At the end of this paper, proper references in Harvard style has been provided. This paper will bebeneficial for the target audience. The target audience is the management student and management organization.Virtual Team A virtual gathering (generally called a geographically scattered gathering, circled gathering, or remote gathering) usually suggests a get-together of individuals who coordinate from different geographic territories and rely upon correspondence development, for instance, email, FAX, and video or voice conferencing organizations with the ultimate objective to collaborate (Olenski, S. 2018).It is evident from the given case that XYZ Company is facing challenges and problem regarding managing the marketing management in an effective manner. It is important to manage the entireorganization and marketing communication in an effective manner. It is because it will enable the organization to build an effective brand image in the market. Improving marketing communication and addressing the need of the market condition in an effective manner play an important role which directly helps the organization to attain its objectives and goals.1

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