Management in Healthcare Case Study

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Management in Healthcare Case Study

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Running head: MANAGEMENT CASE STUDYMANAGEMENT CASE STUDYName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
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1MANAGEMENT CASE STUDYExecutive summary:Management in healthcare is one of the sectors of profession which helps different organisationsby providing leadership skills and directions that help in establishing of a perfect personal healthservices. It also helps in development of service, reputation and productivity of the differentdivisions, departments, units and also services within the organisations. They help to conduct theoperations in a smooth way with the improvement of the quality of service for creating anddelivering the organisations’ best product and service effectively and efficiently helping indeveloping patient satisfaction. Proper management is often required in properly conductingpatient safety services. Different issues that may disrupt the flow of work are healthcare staffabsenteeism, poor quality service, improper communication, medication error, improper handhygiene, cultural incompetency. All these if not properly managed may threaten patient life andreputation may be compromised. In this assignment poor communication issues are depicted. Itmay take place between provided or between providers and patients. It may lead to poor decisionmedication, improper medication administration, increased stress, increase if patientcomparisons, long waiting times. Hence, managers are required to handle the situationeffectively with correct procedures and recommendations to overcome improper communicationand increase service quality for patients.
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2MANAGEMENT CASE STUDYIntroduction:Communication is one of the key factor hat is very much essential in healthcare sector foreffective treatment of patients. This communication is important not only between the patientand healthcare staffs but also among the different healthcare professionals (Kings et al. 2013).This is essential to assure that a smooth flow of work takes place in healthcare along withmaintenance of a culture of safety and also high quality service to students. Improperconsequences may lead to adverse effects (Whitehead et al. 2015). The assignment will help toportray a similar case where a hospital faced adverse effects of improper communication.Literature search are done to identify the consequences of ineffective communication andproposed recommendation to overcome them.Case study:The healthcare centre had urgently appointed a developmental manager in their organisation inorder to handle the crisis period that the centre was going thorough. It was seen that the complaincell was being overloaded with complains that mainly depicted patients’ and their familymembers regarding the safety of the patients. The main cause of concern was found that thepatients and their family members were poorly communicated about the patient’s health. Thehealthcare professionals also did not mention important facts and information about the patient totheir family members. When asked, they were seen to answer their concern wither in very shortconversation and also in difficult languages which ultimately did not satisfy the patients as wellas their family members. Moreover, the patients also complained that they were not properlyeducated about their health issues, the interventions taken and many other administrative criteriaof the hospitals. Moreover, they also did not communicate properly with the patients during their
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3MANAGEMENT CASE STUDYstays at the hospitals which made them nervous and restless. Moreover, it was also seen that notonly communication was poor among the patients and the healthcare staffs but the situation wassimilar among the professionals as well. Inappropriate communication was found among thedoctors, nurses, technician and the administrators which often hampered the smooth flow of theregular activities of the healthcare centre. It was also found that a continuous blame game waspresent in the regular busy periods as no one shared proper relationship with each other in theworkplace. All these had resulted in the development of a tensed situation in the hospital as largenumbers of negative incidents are taking places. Besides, huge number of patient complaints,there has been also increase in number of legal cases against the organisation which had reallydegrades the reputation of the organisation. Hence, it is extremely important to handle the patientsituation and deal with it properly to overcome the present situation of crisis.Search strategy:Some of the best databases which are searched on the present topic of discussion are pubmed,medline, cinalh, proquest , Google scholars and others. The inclusion criteria were that all thepapers should be within the past 5 years and the exclusion criteria was that all papers others thanEnglish language were excluded. The keywords used were ‘effects of poor communication’,‘consequences of poor communication in healthcare’, ‘patient-provider communication’,communication among healthcare staffs, strategies for better communication in healthcare andothers.
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