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Wearable Technologies and the Future
Examples of smart wearable technologies include smart
jewelry, fitness trackers and smart clothing with in-built
Leads to better bottom line and higher productivity
Ease of processing payments such as PayPal app in
Samsung Gear 2 Smart watch (Pothukuchi, Duffy & Sacks,
Improve productivity in workplace by 8.5% and employee
satisfaction rate by 3.5%

Advantages and Disadvantages of
Wearable Technologies
Advantages of wearable tech includes –
Helps in increasing productivity
Creating fit employees in the workplace
Makes the most benefits from other tech investments
Disadvantages of wearable tech includes –
Creates distraction among users (Wang, Yang & Dong,
The tech products are not cheap and not affordable
Battery and size limitations prevailing

BI for Reporting and Data Analytics
BI systems aims towards performing data visualization,
thus enhancing decision-making and data quality
Offers ease of performing data analytics
Streamlines the business processes (Gandomi & Haider,
Helps in spotting business problems and identification of
market trends
Identification and setting benchmarks for vast processes

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