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INTRODUCTIONManagement & Operations is very important parts of an organization which is helping toincrease efficiency of a business. These are helping to collect resources from different places tofulfil requirement of the company. In the presented report selected company Amazon, which isthe largest e – commerce market place and cloud computing platform in the world. The companywas established on 5 July 1994 by Jeff Bezos.In the presented report how manger and leader aretwo separate entities is discussed in detail.Apart from there is applying role and function of aleader and a manager according to different situation which is happening in company. Inaddition, in contemporary business environment a leader and a manager maintain relationship tohandle internal and external factors.TASK 1P1 Different roles and characteristics of a leader and a managerLeader– Leader is an individual who develops an inspiring vision for a company. Theymotivate and guide subordinates to increase their productivity. In a company a leader with theirgreat leadership skills help people to reach their goals in remarkable way. A leader possesseseffective qualities with them which includes, honesty and integrity, good communicator,creativity and innovation, accountability and decision-making capabilities. With help of theseleader guides their subordinates into an transformational direction in Amazon.Manager– In an organisation manager is the most important personnel as he/she isresponsible for managing the day to operations of the enterprise. it ensures that the continuity inthe working environment is maintained by making all the required resources available on time.Apart from this manager also ensures that required training is provided to those employees whoare new at work place and develop a long term asset for the company(Barratt, Choi and Li,2011).Difference between Leader and managerBasisLeaderManagerNatureA leader is innovative originatedand original in nature.A manager of amazon isadministrative, imitative and copy bynature.Focus onFocus on the group of the business.Focus on process and procedures of1
the organisation.FeatureRelated to long term perspectiveRelated to short term perspectivesImageA leader of amazon is unique innature and always present theiractual image in front oforganisation.A manager is command oriented innature and always present theorganization's image as their ownimage.DirectionA leader direct to people regardingto task.A manager follow the leaderregarding the task.Status quoChallenge the status quo of amazonAccept the status quo of amazonFormulationA leader is formulating principlesand guidelines.A manager is formulating policiesand procedures.PowerA leader have power to influencethe peoples.A manager have power to preparerules for the employees.Role of leaderHelp to manage time in business processTo listen problems of every employee and encourage them for accomplish particulargoals and objectives of a company.The leader of Amazon provide support and guide to every group person as a outcomethey can perform very well.Role of managerThe manager of Amazon follow all management process like planning, organising andcontrolling the roles for fulfil requirement of the company.The manager play important role in recruitment and selection process.Prepare effective strategies and policies for business processFromthe above discussion it is identified that both manager and leader has their ownsignificance in Amazon. Though their roles in the firm are distinct but they cannot beseparated from one another. Together they ensure that the goals and objectives of the firm areachieved. leader by making the goals provide vision to the manager that in which directionthe employees need to work in. Also manager provide assistance to leader by providing thedaily feedbacks which further help leader to plan the future activities.2
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