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Management and Operations Used by The Organisation

Added on - 17 Feb 2020

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Management and Operations
INTRODUCTIONThe management operations is used by the organisation in manufacturing process thathelp them to provide high-quality of products with optimum utilization of resources at minimumcost. The use of operational management effectively transform the raw material of goods into thebest possible outputs by maintaining a desired level of quality. Along with this, it help the firmto add the value of services in the high-quality products as they convert the various resources inthe operations system efficiently. It also assist them in maintaining all the function ofmanagement in operational activities are planning, organising, directing and motivating. It alsodefine the usefulness of management operations that are needed to tackle the business operationsin an efficient manner. In the project report, the management and operations that are based uponthe Associated British food PLC company (Khan,Kellerer, Kozu and Yabusaki, 2011). Theorganisation is a multinational food company in the UK and also its is a 2ndlargest producer inthe sugar as well as barker yeast. Beside this, it also provide grocery items and manufacturingboth private as well as branded label in its products. In a retail division the Primark have a 360stores in various countries are Ireland, United Kingdom and United states. The major aim of theresearch project is that there is a comparison on leader and major roles. Also, various types ofstyles of leadership used by them in various situations have strength and weakness. Alsodiscussion on various factors of business environment impact the organisation and criticallyevaluate them with the management operations.TASK 1a)Compare role and characteristic of a leader and managerEach and every organisation includes a group of individuals the two main player are themanager and leader have a a different roles and characteristic in the Associated British food PLCthat are discussed below-Definition-Leader is a person who sets the company's vision that are achieved by thegroup of individuals in the organisation. Whereas, the manager play a main role in the firm theyformulate strict rules and regulation, decision-making and also formulate the policies.Personality style-The leader is a risk taker as it have a ability to adopt the variouschallenges so, the company's reach at higher level (Jabbour, Jabbour and et, al., 2013). Theyalso have a various qualities like analytical skills as well as innovative skills that leads to create
new ideas for the organisation. In contrast to this, the manager identify the problems and solvethem by developing an alternative solution.Approaches-Leader inspire the team members to participate in a decision-making andproblem solving process that help them to finding the best solution effectively. Whereas, theapproaches used by the manager is that they implement the various policies and procedures so,all the individuals done its work effectively.Orientation-The leader is a people-oriented they mainly focus on the individuals in theorganisation so, they contribute more towards the firm goals and objectives. On the other hand,the manager is a task-oriented as they encouraging people in the firm to done the task effectively.Functions-The function of leadership is that they encouraging and motivating themembers towards work this will create a strong relationship among them (Kuruppuarachchi andPerera,2010). Whereas, the function of management is that they control and coordinate the workby planning, organising, directing and motivating the individuals effectively.b)The role of a leader and function of a manager in the different situations in the firmThe manager and leader in the ABF play its role and function in various types ofsituations that are describe below-Decision-making process-The situations occur in the organisation in which they have totake various type of decisions so, the work run smoothly and effectively towards the goals. Theleader play its role they invite the people to participate in the process so, they express theirvarious opinions at particular situations. On the other side, the management make managerialdecisions regard to various function in the organisation and they cannot invite the people to takedecisions on it.Risk-The changes in the environment direct impact on the business operations andactivities of the cited organisation. In that situation the leader take risk to adapt the challengesand also encourage to all the people towards it (Alderton and Saieva,2013). Whereas, themanagement analyse the environment by the PESTLE model and develop strategies as well aspolicies accordingly.Problem solving-In the situations when the ABF company face any issue the leadersplay its role by encouraging and motivating the people so, they come up with new ideas. In that
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