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Running head: MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND THEORYManagement practice and theoryName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND THEORYTopic- Critical analysis of strategic choice and determinist theoriesIntroductionThe present essay provides an intensive analysis on the deterministic theories andstrategic choices. Many managerial and organizational actions are embedded in the strategicchoices, whereas deterministic theories help to make appropriate managerial decisions. However,it is not certain that theories would provide the same and desired results. In this context, Friend(2011) commented that strategic choices are referred to thedecisions that determinethe futurestrategy of an organization. For example, a SWOT analysis is performed to identify the strengthand weaknesses of the organization and opportunities. Similarly, based on the analysis, theorganization selects a suitable path among different alternatives that help the firms to achieve theobjectives. The strategic choice is thereby, the decision to choosefrom the granted strategies.Determinism is generally understood to exclude free intention as it entails that humanmight not act otherwise than they do. Such theory provides the facts that the universe is rationalandthe complete knowledgeof any particular given situation that unerring knowledge of itsfuture is also possible. Hence, Avery (2014) mentioned that a theory is considered asdeterministic if, provided some all the positions as well as the velocities of its elements at onlymoment in time. It wholly determines what could happen before and after that particularmoment. Nonetheless, the fact that if a theory is deterministic does not mean that it is actuallypossible to anticipate the evaluation of a particular system in practice. The present essaydiscusses these facts with the real-life contexts.In the following essay, the strategic choices have critically been defined with the real lifeexample and facts. Likewise, the deterministic theories have critically been discussed with the
2MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND THEORYsupporting evidences. The essay also presents the facts regarding how managers are shaping theideas to implement themanagerial actions. For conducting the analysis, existing academic andmanagement journals have been cited as the supporting requirement. Firstly, two variables suchas the strategic choices and deterministic theory have been defined in the analysis and then thosedefinitions have been analyzed comparing them with the opinions provided in the previousstudies.DiscussionAs put forward by Nielsen and and Nielsen (2011), strategic choice is central to the strategymaking, which means an effective strategic choice process could position an organization forpreparing sustainable strategic decisions. Kraus, Kauranen and Henning Reschke (2011) definedstrategic planning as the systematic as well as formally documented method for deciding theuseful key decision that an organization considers, for implementing them into the operation.The study conducted by Wüstenhagen and Menichetti (2012), presented the fact that focuses onthe decisions to be made in a particular planning situation, whatever their timescale and whatevertheirsubstance is. The first step in strategic choice approach is evaluating as well as selecting astrategy to evaluate the outcome of the strategicsituation includingthe analysis in general withrespect to factors critical to the success of the business.On the other side, Baybeck, Berry and Siegel (2011) mentioned that strategic choices aremainly concerned with the decisions regarding an organization’s future and the way in which itis supposed to respond to the stress as well as the outcome of its immediate and macroenvironment. When it comes to determinism, people consider it as a basic idea that every eventincluding every human decision isinevitableand essential consequence of previous state of
3MANAGEMENT PRACTICE AND THEORYaffairs. In this context, Ida, Lin and Nagasawa (2013) mentioned thatdeterminism should bedistinguished from pre-determinism, the idea that a complete past was determined in the originof the universe.Among many deterministic theories,Resource dependency theoryis often considered inthe managerial activities (Verbruggen, Christiaens & Milis, 2011.). This theory investigates therelationship between the firms and the resource they need to run the operation. Hence, theresource could take several forms such as the raw materials, employees, and financial resource.For example, the large oil and gas organizationShellis dependent on minerals and othermaterials from mining (Shell, 2017). If one organization maintains the large proportion of theresource, another organization could become dependent on it to operate, which certainly createsa symbolic relationship. In this context, Gerlagh and Liski (2011) commented that too muchdependency creates uncertainty and this could lead the firm to a state of risk from the externalcontrol. Here, the government as well as other organizations could impose the external controland they might have a significant influence on the operation. Here, the organizational managersapply the strategic alternatives to minimize such risks. For example, SIS Security system is thetechnology security agency for the large FMCG company Unilever andUnilever is also SIS’only client. In such context, SIS is largely dependent on Unilever as their only source of revenue(Unilever, 2017). Such strategic approaches increases the risks, as such relationship givesUnilever a complete advantage at the time of providing service as well as fee negotiation.The deterministic facts and the given example helps to understand that deterministictheory helps to create the initial base of organizational activities; thereafter, the strategic choicesare applied by theorganization to deal with the barriers and find a suitable solution(Avery,2014). Thus, it can be added that somehow related or inter-linked to each other. Furthermore, it
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