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MGTP102 - This study is aimed to explore the statement ‘In today’s turbulent environment only organic organisational structure are effective. It has also been reported that there are two types of organisation structure that is mechanistic and organic organisational structure. In order to examine the effectiveness of the organic organisational structure, five of the articles have been summarised in the context of annotated bibliography below. 

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Management Principles: In today’s turbulent environment only organic organisationalstructures are effective1
IntroductionThe business environment in recent years is very unpredictable and dynamic due towhich various strategies are being employed by the organization. To overcome the ever changingbusiness environment, one of the most effective strategies is management change or change inorganisational structure that helps the organization in implementing and administeringemployees precisely and systematically (Brooks,et al., 2004). It has also been reported that thereare two types of organisation structure that is mechanistic and organic organisational structure. Inorder to examine the effectiveness of the organic organisational structure, five of the articleshave been summarised in the context of annotated bibliography below. Thus, this study is aimedto explore the statement ‘In today’s turbulent environment only organic organisational structureare effective’.Article 1:Hinrichs, G. 2009. Organic Organisational Design. OD Practitioner 41 (4), pp, 1-11.The article has emphasised on examining the effectiveness of organisational design inorganisations function. It has pointed in the study that exterior and interior environment of theorganisation largely responsible for the success of any organisation. The more changing andchallenging external environment gets, it needs more complex and multi-level organisationalstructure change. In the article, case study of a non-profit organisation has been demonstratedwith the effective implication in the profit organisation. Organisational structure design isstraight forwardly an effective and efficient process that aims to achieve the purpose of theorganisational strategically. It has been explored that the choice of organisational structure frommechanistic to organisation has been changed the most useful because today the era has alsoshifted from industrial to knowledge era.The article has compared and evaluated different strategies and system tools to analysethe effectiveness of the organisational structure design accordingly. Organic structure designsupports all the elements that are required in ever changing environment. It is focused towardspurpose of the organisation and opens for the changes. Along with this, it is more connected andempowers the organisational functions by controlling and focusing. It is a diversified approachand brings growth and changes in the organisation together with the connection and networked2
authority. Thus, according to this article, organic structure is the most suitable organisationaldesigned structure in the present era that reaches to organisational purpose satisfying client’sneeds and wants.Article 2: Camison, C and Viller-Lopez, A. 2011. On how firms located in an industrialdistrict profit from knowledge spillovers: adoption of an organic structure and innovationcapabilities. British Journal Management 23, pp. 361-382.This article has reported on the organisations that are situated near industrial districts thatbenefited by the knowledge spillovers impacting its performance and innovation positively. Ithas been emphasised in the study that organisational design especially organic structure has avery powerful impact in improving the performance and strengthening the functions of theorganisation easy and freely. In addition to this, technological and innovation aspects are alsoclearly privileged by the organic structure that makes knowledge flow more flexible andspontaneous.For the research purpose data has been collected from the universe of Spanish industriescompanies excluding micro business and energy sectors that have less than 10 workers. Theresearch is descriptive that researched with various variables and a conceptual model. Theresearch has concluded that effectiveness of organic structure design is inevitable in improvingthe performance and technological innovation of the organisation apart from the effect oflocation in an industrial district. The article is somehow weak in relating different facts at thesame time. It has been suggested that article should be more focused on the structural design.Article 3: Sobotkiewicz, D. 2013. Organic functions in a multiple economic entity-localization options. Case Study. Management 17(2), pp. 47-62.The article highlights the organic structure’s importance in every function andeffectiveness in centralised organisation and subsidiaries. The multi-plant organisations are beingexamined horizontally and vertically in different level function. The article elaborates theresearch by analysing the case study of German automotive concerns. It is executed through theforeign and domestic literature and empirical research has been used to produce the result. It hasbeen listed in the end that organic structure design is very useful in case of complex and hugeorganisation. The research has shown that organic is the most suitable organic design in the3

Thus, it can be inferred from the analysis of the above all research articles that business organisations needs to implement an organic organisational structure that is flexible and can be transformed as per the external environment changes. 

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