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MGMT6012 Management Perspectives

Added on - 22 Nov 2021

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Management Perspectives
Aayushma Shrestha
Torrens University
The behaviours and characteristics of a person have an effect on the person’s suitability
in any given situation. As Masters level student, I am aware of the effects that the characteristics
of a person might have on his or her career. What has gotten me to the point of studying Masters
in Business Administration is the zeal to make a change in the business world and to also equip
myself with skills that would make me a success. The changes that have been taking place in the
business world have motivated me to be more innovative. Being innovative and delivering in line
with the needs of the market needs one to pursue a higher level of education and that is what I
have done. It is essential to note that business administration is a wide concept and it deals with
business management from various perspectives. A business manager is a person who has
control over the affairs of business that take place. Being in control helps one to have an
influence on the things that are taking place and at the same time, it helps one to make changes. I
have passion for leadership and that has an impact on my leadership skills. I believe in being of
help to those who need me and that is what has motivated me to nurturing young leaders and
being present when they need me. My journey as an MBA student has not been motivated by the
need to seek employment but it has been motivated by the zeal to make sure that I leave a mark
in the business world whether I will be an employee of an organization or a person who runs and
manages his or her business. The assignment is aimed at looking into my skills and behaviors.
With the help of self-assessment tools and my past experiences, I will analyse myself with the
aim of identifying my strengths and weaknesses. The results will help to know if I can perfectly
fit in the organisation that was presented in the first assignment or not.
Research Methodology
In the process of gathering data, there is a need for the researcher to have an independent
mind. In this assignment, I played as the researcher and the participant at the same time. The
reason behind it is because I collected information about myself (Weston & Laursen, 2015). One
of the challenging parts in collecting information about oneself is the observant of biases.
Considering that there was no one who monitored the process of collecting data, I took a unique
approach in this research (Trofimovich et al. 2016). I acted like an independent researcher and
participant and I treated my data like it was the data of someone else with the main aim of
eliminating the biases.
The process of collecting data was unique and unbiased and this was for the sake of
making sure that the findings would not be compromised. I used some of the past experiences as
a way of analysing myself. The past experiences help one to remember about the reactions to the
specific experiences. The reactions of a person to issues at hand are enough to dictate the
behaviours of a person (Cosmi et al. 2012).
The reason behind it is because a person can control the behaviours in many cases but
when it comes to reacting to different issues, the same person might find it challenging to deal
with an issue differently. It is at this point that the true behaviours of a person are revealed and
that helps to know the weak and strong points of a person.
The use of three essential self-assessment tools was implemented and this helped in
attaining data about me. The tools that I used were Myers Briggs or Jung Typology Personality
Type, Emotional Intelligence Test and VIA Character Strengths Survey. The tools helped me to
know more about myself in three different ways. I got to know about my personality when it
comes to dealing with issues and working with people (The Global EI Test Results, n.d). I got to
know more about my emotions and that was essential. At the same time, I got to know the
strength of my character with the aim of answering the question on my strengths.
SWOT Analysis
I am a good team player
I am aware of myself
I am socially aware of the needs of
I am direct and easy to mingle with
A good self-manager
A good relationship manager
Thriving for perfection
Poor in making decisions for others
Poor in engaging in activities that have
no benefits to my goals
Working with other teams
Accommodating and fitting in people
who we hold different virtues
My values are a threat to adjustments
I believe in nothing less than delivering
Changing my perception of the goals is
a challenge
SWOT Summary
One of the strengths that were evident after the collection of the data was that I am a good
team player. According to the results, I am the type of a person who considers the will of others
before demonstrating my will (The Global EI Test Results, n.d). In team playing, it is essential to
note that there are many parties that are involved (Panadero, Brown, & Strijbos, 2016). This
means that at the end of the activities within the team, there comes an essential need of making
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