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UMPDM5-15-2 Management Skills for Property and Trading

Added on - 22 Nov 2021

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Date of Submission
Employability Skills Portfolio
Contact Information
Address: 452- 0020, Australia
Telephone: 02344566
Cell Phone: 2549597988
Personal Information
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth: Australia
Citizenship: Australian
Visa Status: Active
Gender: Female
Marital Status:
Spouse’s Name:
Fluent Languages: Fluent written and spoken English, French, Spanish and Arabic
Career Objective
Seeking to secure an employment that utilizes my experience, personal skills and abilities in my
field of specialization that offers professional growth while being resourceful, innovative and
flexible so as to achieve organization’s set goals and objectives and also give my best of
expertise to every assignment with an open mind, whereby hard work, dedication and ability to
acquire new skills to advantage any institution I work for.
Employment History, Work Experience, and Career Achievements
Traineeship for a company that involved manufacture and export of clothes
Traineeship as an account manager in an international company4 months
Traineeship in a bank in Morocco3 months
Traineeship in a multinational export and import company3 months
Prime Company May 2012- Dec. 2014
Account Executive
Key roles, responsibilities, and contributions
Led a sales team in prospecting for new clients and conducting interactive marketing
needs analysis to develop a client’s online marketing presence further.
Reviewed needs analysis with prospects that featured organic and paid search results,
social media marketing, email marketing, and display advertising.
Coordinating the development of multiple events and tasks, web-based training and prime
projects for Prime company marketing initiatives.
Collaborated with both internal and external clients to ensure project specifications,
deadlines, and budget guidelines were met or exceeded.
Created and implemented full-scale accounts and marketing plan with winning marketing
strategies and campaigns that achieved revenue targets in the company.
Organized many highly successful events, from showcases to customer experiences to
large-scale seminars.
The re-branded organization developed new brand strategies.
Improved productivity by sourcing and implementing Enterprise Resource Planning
(ERP) systems and solutions.
Builds effective rapport with clients through showed interpersonal skills, able to gather
information, persuasive arguments gain agreement and resolving the conflict.
Played a key role in the company winning awards like National Business Awards and
Customer Service Excellence Awards.
Trademark Company Jan. 2015- To Date
Accounts Manager
Key roles, responsibilities, and contributions
Planned and created marketing solutions for different projects.
Successfully led the accounts and marketing teams in diversifying from its traditional
marketing and advertising channels to include social media marketing and mobile text
marketing strategies and platforms that increased marketing Return on Investment
(ROI) for our clients and also generating additional revenue sources for the company.
Initiated, implemented, completed and closed several different projects for the
Managed a group of associates to ensure that all project deliverables were achieved.
Managed vendor relations, budgets, production timelines, and projects from inception
to completion.
Developed and implemented training courses to educate both the employees and
Liaised between clients and internal teams hence communicating client expectations
and guidelines.
Oversaw all managerial and administrative operations and functions in the company
both internally and externally.
Revised and implemented office procedures and coordinated necessary programs, and
also facilitating resource allocations.
Improved teamwork within the company by hosting interactive social events and
team building activities, and also encouraging personnel to work together on projects.
The coordinated interaction between various stakeholders including regional
marketing, call center, and accounting units both locally and globally, facilitating the
maximum profitability while considering regulatory compliance.
Oversaw key projects to meet the deadline and client satisfaction through monitored
progress against performance standards, resolved deficiencies and challenges and also
keeping stakeholders informed of project status.
Achieved client contentment by resolving incomplete project tasks by ensuring the
application of practices and processes, and aim for continuous improvement to
achieve successful and smooth business operations and functions.
Managed assigned technologies through lifecycle management, business continuity
planning, and management for return on investment.
Diligently followed company policy and procedure, through showed integrity,
honesty, commitment and reliable degree of qualification and specialist knowledge.
Core competencies and key strengths
With professional, expertise and friendly customer service of 5 years of experience, I adept at
providing leadership and management, offering service to customers, resolving issues, ensuring
good partnership and vendor relationships, and also ensuring high levels of customer retention.
Seeking employment as a Accounts Manager, bringing skills and areas of expertise as follows:
Strategic Planning
Organizational Restructuring
Team Building, Leadership &Management
Business Set up
Strategic Partnerships
Cross-Cultural Work Exposure
Change Management
General Management
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