Management Strategies Assignment

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Travelogue is facing problem of high labourturnover and excessive workload. Employees areleaving job because of poor managementstrategies adopted by organisation. In order toeliminate labour turnover mangers should hireskilled employees. It is very significant jobposition with skill of employees. Managersinfluence behaviour of employees to provide themjob satisfaction. They must effectively plan andmanage schedule of work. Properelevation ofwork will reduce excessive workload ofemployees.ReferenceFink, L. D., 2013. Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses.John Wiley & Sons.Gravill, J. and Compeau, D., 2008. Self-regulated learning strategies and software training.Information & Management. 45(5). pp. 288-296Communication play significant role in managing and controlling activities related to business. Top levelmanagement should follow decentralised decision making. In this form of communication. Superiors can share andexpress their ideas and opinions. All-important strategies and policies of organisation are formed by top levelmanagement. Middle level management should follow centralised communication system. In this system, onlysuperiors have power to make decision. This facilitates quick decision making. Types of communication used bymanagement are as follows.Middle and lower level management: oral communication is adopted to communicate with line managersand workers, it deals with expressing of information and ideas with word of mouth. This help in creating directimpact on individual, it can be defined as fastest way of delivering messages.Superiors and higher authorities: written communication is adopted by top level management tocommunicate important message an information. This is a time consuming and effective strategy implemented inbusiness procedure.4.2 Communication of variety styles in various level of management4.1 Solutions to work based organisationTASK 4

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