Management: Putting Theory into Practice (LDT3103)


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Leadership ManagementProfessional Development
The report will define leadership and management theories in order to
discover the qualities of leaders and managers and behavioral patterns
of employees and excellent leaders. The present case study will give
detailed information about fast food company, Burger king. leadership
theories must be adopted within the companies so that some aspects of
leadership and management can be known such as situation, actions
and relationships between bottom and top-level management. Further,
the report will discuss challenges or problems related to management
and leadership and their business solution. At the end, the case study
will propose a suitable organizational structure after the merger with
another firm and that can interact well with management roles and
Management : Putting Theory Into Practice
Transformational leadership theory
Transformational leadership theory focuses on the relationship between
employees and leaders (Gillam, 2021). This theory discusses the type of
leader who manages and encourage their employees to transform and
achieve success and complete their task effectively. It is also known as ''the
relationship theory'' because it studies and develop effective leadership to
maintain positive relationship between team members and leaders. The
leaders of Burger king must have ability to inspire and show them how to
perform task (Minbashrazgah, Garbollagh and Varmaghani, 2021). The
theory says that leaders are not only focused on the performance of
employees but also provide individual training to reach their goals.
Transformational theory will help to increase skill, knowledge and ability
to fulfil task.
Identifying the interaction between Organizational structure and
management roles (after merger)
An organizational structure may improve innovative performance of
employees by enabling coordination and collaboration among different
functional units in the big company. It focuses on increasing level of cost-
effectiveness and decreasing errors and mistakes. Researchers of
organizational theories have commented that the structure of company plays
a vital role in innovation and it is an important factor within the company.
Innovation is also a key factor in the development of new entity and
All managers are required to make business related decisions to achieve
organizational objectives. They are responsible for improving management
process within the company. Management roles includes:
Improve coordination between employees and team-mates and anticipate
problems or opportunities to deal with them. Manager needs to set policies
and regulation to maintain culture and environment within the burger king.
Leadership and management theories
Leadership theories is the study of qualities and potential of good leaders
within the company. In leadership theory the researchers try to analyze
the common qualities and behavior of good leaders (7 major leadership
theories, 2021). The leader must be good in decision-making process in
order to achieve success. In the firm if the managers want to lead their
team members successfully and want to be effective in their work, it is
important for them to adopt certain leadership skills and knowledge.
Some leadership aspects must involve environment of the business,
personality traits, human behavior and decision-making process.
Additionally, if leaders want to become successful, then they must have
knowledge about how to handle their stakeholders and employees.
Books and Journals
Behboudian, M. and et.al., 2021. Evaluating water resources management
scenarios considering the hierarchical structure of decision-makers and
ecosystem services-based criteria. Science of The Total Environment. 751.
Boon, Q. W., 2021. A Review Of The Management Theory For Special
Education Task Load Perspective. Turkish Journal of Computer and
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Gillam, S., 2021. Leadership and Management for Doctors in Training: A
Practical Guide. CRC Press.
To conclude, organization needs to achieve managerial performance and
boost leadership capabilities then they must focus on management theories.
Additionally, operating within a defined structure, with good
communication skills and organizational work flows, helps to ensure
efficient and effective management roles. By examining this report it is
summarized that the Burger king must work on workforce planning and
organizing with the help of Hierarchical organizational structure. So, that
it will improve motivation among employees and increase collaboration.
Management: Putting Theory into Practice (LDT3103)_1

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