Implication of Digital Application on Azimo company : Case Study

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In the current scenario, digitalisation and techniques utilized by large number of the
business firm for providing better and effective services to customers as per their needs and
requirements. Along with this, digital technologies helps to promote and enhance cognizance of
organisation as well as its employment at world wide level. (Eckerson, 2010) Because of this,
business firm can attract large number of customer towards company the respectively enhanced
profitability and productivity level. Fundamentally, this study based on Azimo, it is an small
business firm of UK it providing money transferable services and facilities to customers. It's
using digital technology within the organisation thus it directly affect on business firm in positive
or negative in manner. Therefore, it will be systematically define and identify implication of
digitalisation on small business firms. Additionally, here will effectively conduct appropriate
investigation in the marketplace so that can easy to examine actual market trends and customer's
demand. (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011)
Purpose and objectives of project
Title: The implication of Digital application on small organisation: A case study based
on Azimo company.
Aim: Every business firm wants to get expand its business in different sector of
marketplace. seeks to be achieve their aims and objectives in proper manner. Therefore, it is
important to be set and clarify targets to all staff members of the business firm so that they can
also set their short and long term goals and effectively focus on them. Apart from this,in this
present time organisation are using digital tools and technology by the company for
systematically providing better products and services to customer according to needs and
requirements. So that they can get proper satisfaction towards their desire from the business
organisation. Generally, this study totally based on Azimo company it is providing money
conveyable services and facilities to customers.
Aim: To identify the impact of digital technology on performance Azimo
Objectives: Under this assignment effectively define the actual impacts of digital tool on
small business firm. In which chosen business is Azimo organisation its supply money transfer
facilities to consumers according to needs and demand of organisation. Due to this, it focuses on
to use and acquire smart digital tools within the company so that they also significantly
understand the customers in an impelling style.(Crane and Matten, 2016) However, managers of
the company wants to give fully satisfaction to consumers as well as provide try to provide them
better facilities. Apart from this, there are explaining major goals and objectives behind this
report is that identify and determine the actual impacts of digitalisation on Azimo company such
as follows:
To evaluate the effective use of digital technology.
To critically analyse factors, influence performance of Azimo.
To investigate impact of digital technology on performance of Azimo.
Management Plan
Generally, management is an important concept at every work place of the company
because it aids to perform different types of activities and operation of organisation in proper
manner. It aids to increase performance and capability of staff members due to this they
significantly performed their tasks and operations with good quality and results.(Smith, Binns
and Tushman, 2010) Due to this, effectively enhanced the profitability and productivity level of
the business firm. However, management plan also played a vital role because with the help of
this all operations are effectively performed and employees achieve their targets and goals.
Additionally, management plan also assist to reduce problems and issues of the business firm
therefore respectively reduce conflicts from the work place. Hence, it is necessary to be prepare
an effective management plan for the business firm because company's sales and revenue
depends upon employees working performance and effectiveness. Thus, employees of the firm
aids to increased profit level of the company. In the management plan enclosed some stages
which all are explaining under follows such as:
Scope of project: It is one of the major and first stage of management plan, in which
researcher systematically identify the several areas in which company can easy to expand
their business firm. (Den Hertog, Van der Aa and De Jong, 2010)This report based on
Azimo organisation because it is an small business firm of UK which providing money
transferable services to customers. In this assignment effectively will be identify the
actual impacts of digitalisation on small business firm. This organisation focus on to
adopt smart digital tools and techniques at work place of the company so that they will
significantly provide better product and services to consumers according to demand and
desire. So that customer can accomplish towards the towards their demand and desire in
an effective style. Along with this, it is required to be applied in better management
system and communication process at work place of the organisation so that all employee
can effectively communicate and interact with each others. Due to this employees and
customers can easy to share their views and requirements between each others. (Shattock,
Cost control: It is also one of the major stage of management plan because without
sufficient finance any business firm cannot get success and performed their tasks.
Therefore, it is necessary to be invest appropriate fund within the several sections of the
organisation as per their requirement of fund. Furthermore, this aspect of the management
plan directly impacts of business firm either positive or negative way. Because of this, it
is necessary to be implement effective cost control system so that employers of the
company can easy to identify and examine the actual requirement of investment as well
as in which sector. (Kowalkowski, Kindström and Brehmer, 2011)
Quality control: After investing the fund in different section of the company, it is
essentials to be manage and control quality of employee's working quality in a systematic
style. Thus employee's performance directly affect on business organisation wither
positive and negative manner. Hence, employers of the firm must be set appropriate
quality standards so that staff members can performed their tasks within better quality
also they can easy to compare their actual performed with decided standards. It helps to
increased working efficiency and effectiveness of all employees in an impelling way.
Risk management: Basically, risk is the uncertain in the nature which will easy to occur
in any situation. Thus, risk is the that concept which directly effect of organisation as
well as their employee's performance. Therefore, it is essential to determine and
recognise the main factors and issues which aids to implement proper tools and
techniques. In the other words, as per above define in this report effectively identify the
actual impacts of digitalisation on the performance of Azimo company thus it is
necessary to be implement risk management plan in the project. So that project team can
easy to manage and control risk and face any kind of critical situation in an impelling
way. (Law,Chen and Wu, 2010)
Time: It is required to be manage and arrange all activities of the project within proper
required time period. Due to this, employers of the firm must be create appropriate time
frame and arrange all activities and operations in an systematic way. It aids to increased
working performance of the employees as well as reduce the level of complexity and
conflicts in an impelling style. Thus, in this report must be use appropriate Gantt chart
and critical path method for managing and controlling all project activities and operations
in an systematic manner. ( Giesen, 2010)
Communication: It can be performed as an effective method which aids to these
people can simple to interact and share their information with each others. Apart from
this, in this project must be implement effective communication procedure so that team
members can easy to interact with each others as well as understand the customer's needs
and requirement in an impelling style. This process aids to increased mutual
understanding and reduce conflicts from the work place of the company. (Dyer, 2013)
Resources: This report based on Azimon organisation which is providing money
transferable services and accommodation to customers according to demand and desire
in effective manner. Therefore, in this project will be identify the actual impacts of
digitalisation on the performance of selected organisation. Thus, every project has
required some specific resources for getting success and attaining goals. Due to this, it is
necessary to be allocate appropriate resources in an systematic way so that team members
can maximum utilise them and get success in the competitive market place.

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