Managing a Successful Business Project: Nestle

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Managing a successfulbusiness project
INTRODUCTIONGlobalisation is a quite vast concept that affects overall functionality of business. It isbasically a process which business concerns go through while integrating with other businessconcerns and economies on a global level. Globalisation helps in connecting economies andpeople all over the world (Boyle, 2017). The present report has been framed based on Nestlewhich is Swiss brand with its business operations all over the world. It is a food and drinkscompany which issituatedin Vevey, Switzerland. Also this report discusses impacts ofglobalisation on a business concern. In this aspect,individualshave furtherdeveloped goals andaimstaking in consideration case scenario of Nestle which is a food and drinks company. Alsothis report mentions data analysis and research methodology which further helps a businessconcern into globalising their business economy and developing a stable brand image incompetitive markets as well.TASK 1P1 Devise project aims and objectivesforachosenscenario.Globalisation is an important concept whichassists in segregationandinterconnectingindividualsfrom different parts of the world. Also suchpersonsworktowards a common goal or objective which enhances future and present growthopportunities for businesses thereby leading to a maximisation in their overall profitabilityand productivity as well. Globalisation happens to be an important affecting factor which isbeneficial for both companies as well as individuals. In present context, Nestle is an internalSwiss brand that deals in food and drinks. Hence to enhance their productivity and customerbase Nestle has decided about pooling their funds and globalising their business operationsthereby providing them a stable and effective market image.Background of the research :Internationalization is an essential procedure which leads to reciprocityanddevelopment of business concern in agonistic market.Also it helps inspread out tradingoperations of a company(Clinton and Whisnant, 2019). Globalisation can happen in anumber of ways such as free cross border trade, financial mobility and introduction ofinnovative ideas and concepts into business. Globalisation in many companies is onlypossible when business allows free cross border trade and investments. In relation to Nestle,1
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