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TITLE“To identify the challenges faced by organisation while creating and marketing of brandnew summer shoes during London fashion week”. Asurveyon Crockett & Jones.INTRODUCTIONGlobalisation is theprocedureof transfer of the goods, services, and people across theworld. It is the proper combination of national and local economies into the global marketeconomy(What is Globalisation, 2018).Other, it is an effective process by which an organisationcan open up their business to other businesses or globalise their business in an effective manner.In this reportthe selected associationis the Crockett & Jones which is a shoe manufacturingcompany which headquarters are situated in the England and Northampton. This company isproviding a rang of shoe under its brand name which helps to gain the competitive advantage.For attracting more customers and selling their shoe they are participating in the event “Londonfashion week”. In this project it will be understand that what is the aim and objectives of thecompany and how they will achieve it by determining the cost, quality, resources, and time takenof this project. Also, prepare WBS, Gantt Chart and understand that which research method issuitable in the both quantitative and qualitative. At the end, the relevant recommendations andconclusion are defined for better results of this project.a) Drawpurposeand objectives of the administrationOverview of the projectCrockett & Jones is a shoe manufacturing company which is established in 1879 byCharley Jones and Sir James Crockett. Thisorganizationis famous for manufacturing theGoodyear -welted footwear. They are producing shoe for both men and women which helpsthem to cover a huge market place. They are constantly emerging in the produce a rang of shoeand boots which is preferred choice of customers (Nohria, 2017).Aim:“To identify the challenges faced by organisation while creating and marketing of brandnew summer shoes during London fashion week”. A study on Crockett & Jones.ObjectivesTo identify ways through which company can easily create and market brand newsummer shoes.1
To determine challenges faced by company while creating and marketing of summershoes during London fashion week(Doherty, Ashurst and Peppard, 2012).To analyse ways through which company can compete with big brand name.QuestionsWhat are the ways through which company can easily create and market brand newsummer shoes?What are the challenges faced by company while creating and marketing of summershoes during London fashion week?What are the effective ways through which company can compete with big brand name?b) Produce a project management plan by covering aspects of scope, time, communication, risk,quality and resources.PMPis generally prepareto completeall theactivitiesof the investigation in theorganized way. In this, informationis collecting to utilizethe available resources by theinvestigatorin an effective manner.Theleadingperspective of this research is to compete theproductin the specific duration of time. Major in this will be emphasised on creating andmarketing a brand new summer shoe for a particular market.By making proper PMP researcherwill be able to implement different strategies for achievement of research objective. The variousaspects related to this plan are mentioned below-Scope:Scope is concerned with the various kinds of opportunities which the researcherhas in dealing with a particular topic. The investigator has wide range of scopein utilizing theresources in the best possible manner so that the available opportunities in the market can use of the available opportunities in the market. As with the help of this researcher willbe able to identify the challenges faced by Crockett & Jones for creating and marketing summershoes. After launching the summer shoes in the market organisationable to capture a big marketplace.As by doing this needs and demands of customer's belonging from different age group willbe fulfilled in the best possible manner.Risk:It is concerned with different kinds of uncertainness which can cause hurdle in theattainment of research objective. There are different kinds of risk and uncertainty which can befaced by researcher. These can include- lack of time, unavailability of adequate resources,etc.These risk can lead to increase in mismanagement of plans and strategies made by the researcherfor achieving certain objectives. Launch of the summer shoes is also associated with different2
kinds of risk. This means organisation will face various kinds of risk and uncertainty inachieving the target.These can include- change in need and demand of customer's, competitionlevel , etc.Communication:Proper communication is essential for becoming successful in themarket. AS this project is based on the creating or marketing new summer shoes within theLondon Fashion week. In this project manager is responsible for developing bettercommunication among team members so that they can easily attain success at market place. INcontext of project prospective, manager use different communication channel like social media,emails and many more to communicate with team members. Whereas, research is consider as awide scope thus, researcher is responsible to use telephone, emails and many more.Quality management:It is very much essential for researcher to make plans foreffectively managing the quality of research. The major motive is to compete the product withinlimited period of time by maintaining its quality. The project perspective of the organisation is tooffer better quality of product to customer's,so that the business can get benefit in compare totheir competitors.With the help of primary and secondary data researcher can maintain qualityof their gathered information which will helps them to complete this research effectively withappropriate information. In this focus will be emphasised on collecting relevant data formdifferent sources, so that appropriate quality is maintained in effective manner.Cost:It is concerned with total amount incurred or used in the researcher in completingthe research. The actual cost used in this research will be high because different tools andtechniques will be used for gathering and analysing data. By setting budget researcher will beable to reduce the chances of unnecessary wastage of cost and financial resources will be used inthe efficient manner. The researcher will require 95000 pounds for completing the research andalso for drawing appropriate conclusions. The project perspective is organisation will focus onimplementing strategies for the effective use of financial resources. As by doing thismanagement of organisation will be able to save unnecessary wastage of cost.Time-frame:In order to complete the research activities such as determination of aimsobjectives, application of strategies researched required minimum time period of 3 months.Whereas for completing this whole project in an appropriate manner company needs at-least 3.5months.3
Resources:Thesuccessionof the research project is depend on the availability of theresources because without proper resources researcher will not be able attain its goals. Forsucceeding in the summer shoe researcher needs various resources like access to internet,appropriate data, funds, manpower, and many more. These resources are useful for both theresearcher as well as company because it will them to get success in the market place andsuccessfully completing this research. For designing and manufacturing of shoes organisationwill require different kinds of resources. These can include- raw materials, human resources,other facilities, etc.c) Design a Gantt chart and Work breakdown structureGantt chart:It is horizontal bar chart which is generally used in project management forshowing all the organisational activities. This chart is used by researcher to do proper planning,coordinating and tracking all the researching activities.By making this project manager able tooperate their activities in a proper they able to achieve the research goals andobjectives(Florén and Frishammar, 2012).4
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