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Managing a SuccessfulBusiness Project
INTRODUCTIONCorporate social responsibility is an activity form of corporate self-regulation incorporateinto a model of business. This is the practice which an organisation organise for the bettermentof society or community in which the organisation deal. This is claimed that the companyperform these activities for serving along with making benefits. It avail a company in makingconstant commitment through business to behave and contribute more ethically in thedevelopment of economy as well as improving then life quality at workplace and society. Thereport will managing a successful business project on Hallmark Hotel which is one UK emerginghotel chain in the restaurant industry(Higman, 2013). It will determines goals, aims, researchquestion, and objective of report and through proper data collection and evaluation, finding willbe pursued in this following project.TASK 1P1. Aim and objectives of Hallmark HotelsThis is considered in the recent era, that only promotion and marketing can not help theorganisation in building better goodwill in the society. Thus, CSR activities is developing in thecompetitive world for better evolution. This can be considered as one of the method ofpromotion activities which is mostly used by the business industry. If these activities carried outin the external environment smoothly then it can portray a positive organisation goodwill in thecompetitive society. Hotel Hallmark have is an emerging chain of service industry which desireto promote their business for expanding their vitality in the service industry. The organisationbelieve that the company can gain large number of people and good recognition among societywith help of CSR activities. Firm is majorly focusing over these practices to make businessexpansions.Topic: “Implementing CSR activities within organisations to meet sustainable objectives: A casestudy on Hallmark Hotels.”Project BackgroundFor resolving is sues and conflicts of the company, sustainable objectives are determinedby an organisation. For which they organise various marketing and promotional activities foraccomplishing those aims effectively. Hallmarks Hotel is focusing over deploying their businesschain in all over the United Nation(Klettner, Clarke and Boersma, 2014). This is essential for1
the company to make those activities which can influence people more differently. Thus, thecompany is aiming to coordinate CSR inn society to increase consumer base and maximumbenefits of the performed activities. The market is more dynamic and competitive which requireto hold the unique image in the industry for attracting customer or clients. Meanwhile, assistingand helping communities can help in raising the positioning of firm in local environment orsociety. Thus, it will not only render advantages to people or external environment but companyas well as it can avail a unique image of enterprise among public. The project supported isaccomplishing several aims and objectives that is availing in leading the business activities andoperations in right direction in adequate manner. Hence, the Hallmark Hotel is organisingrespected project to make proper analysis and execution of operations.AimThe aim of this project is to implement the of CSR within the organization for achievingsustainable objectives: A case study of Hallmark Hotel.ObjectivesThe company is one of developing service and hotel institution that is majorly dealingwith the promotional and marketing activities specially CSR in order to deploy their business andrender a good image of organisation in the society. They will coordinate such activities. Here isobjectives of this project mentioned:ObjectivesTrackvalues consisting honesty, integrity, and CSR activities fairness in Hallmark Hotel.Report for substantial effect by developing from decisions of business in Hallmark Hotel.Chase constant evolution of system for CSR administration in Hallmark Hotel.Thus, it is indispensable to determine the aims and objectives of the respected projects thatpresented the information ad report data(Best Corporate Social Responsibility Activities by TopBrands,2016). Mentioned objectives can avail company in increasing profitability andproductivity of company through rendering better consumer amount and quality of services adproducts.Research QuestionsHow the Hallmark Hotel's CSR activities track values consisting integrity, honesty, andfairness?2
How can hotel account for substantial impact through developing from decimations oractivities of business?How CSR can chase continuous evolution of system of Hallmark Hotel's management ofCSR?P2 Project management planThe plan formulation is necessary step which is required for admin result of a companyas well as recognising the major components that can influence it adequate way. It will assist inreaching objectives and goals that is determined by the firm. Company need to conduct theresearch of market for admiring the plan and measuring danger of company required to analyseby researcher. Here are various elements enlisted as below:CostThis is one of the major elements while coordinating any activity linked with the CSR.As such practice provide profits to company not instant but definitely in which company rendersupport to society to resolve their issues and meet their responsibilities toward society.Hallmarks Hotel have determined to spend more than 25,000Euros of their income on theseactivities.ScopeIn United Kingdom scope of business is higher, all are busy in performing such activitiesfor creating better and unique image of the society. People are more en gagged in benefitingsociety to create positive goodwill and positioning among public image among clients andconsumer(Break It Down: Using the Work Breakdown Structure to Start Projects,2017).Through help of proper analysis, market research including Gantt charts and graphical data, finaloutcome will be gained.QualityThis is require a provide standard quality of the service organised by company forpositive goodwill of the company. It avail in utilisation of capital in adequate way and helpcompany in developing in competitive market. This is the quality of products which makes anorganisation different from other despite of cost.RiskProject risk includes entire elements which can restrain the completion of project.This issignificant for the organisation to analyse these limitation in order to accomplish the project of3
CSR activities in Hallmark hotel. The probable risk which organisation may have to face isexecution risk, determining proper direction of project danger, proper research risk, over-costingetc. Through understanding these consequences, company can make development of successfulCSR project.TimeTime is most important elements which play the major role in positive and negativeinfluence of respected project. It is required for an organisation to perform the activities on timeto make the more effective and influencing outcome. The hotel have determined to finish thecited business projects within one time frame for along wit factual results.ResourcesFor execution of business project successfully, it is required to implement the activities ofbusiness in more successful way for that one need various different types of resources. Throughthe help of these, assignment would be completed(Gopalakrishnan and et. al., 2012). The majorresources includes human, financial, technological andinformationalresources etc. Humanresource helps in implementing the retire project in the workplace of company. Financialresources whereas avail in implementing and support operation of company financially toachieve. Technological resources whereas avail in better execution and effective as well as quickcompletion of entire file in adequate way.CommunicationThis is required to maintain a proper communication before conducting a market researchwhich helps in accomplishing the project and interatomic with the society people. The companycan use the process of internal communication for resolving the major problems and issueslinked with the activities of business and CSR as well as adopt the best and effective medium, ofcommunication in the organisation to communicate message effectively among stakeholder.M1 Comprehensive project plan, milestone schedule and project scheduleIt is needed to manage time, resource, danger and proper communication methods forremove complexity in the research projects.Cost:Cost of such practices are often higher than expected. It is require to manage abudget and cost plan before execution of such plans to manage the over-costing.4
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