Managing a Successful Business Solved Project

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Managing a Successful
Business Project
Globalization is the process of spreading the business from local market to global market.
Global trade helps the business to attend the customer from all across the Globe as business is
able to trade in an international market (Alon, I. and, 2016). It helps the developing
country to increase the status of living in the country as it always creates a job opportunity in the
country and also provides the more luxury goods to the consumer. Globalization represents the
exchange of idea, ethics and culture in between two countries border.
Globalization has provided many benefits. It has lead to both negative and positive
impact on growth of firm (Pieterse, 2019). For some business there is rise in revenue whereas for
other sales is declining. But the main thing is with expansion there is change in trends and
preference of customers. So, it provides opportunity to expand and attract customer. Companies
are expanding in other countries. For this government have allowed FDI which has ease process
of entering in new market. However, there is increase in competition due to which many
companies are positively affected.
This report will describe how globalization has positively impacted on different business
functions. Also, it will include aims and objectives, project management plan, WBS, etc.
Research method will be taken so that depth implication over the topic of research can be
undertaken with help of suitable methods (Gurung and Prater, 2017). Moreover, primary
research will be done and recommendations are given.
Jaguar is British car manufacture company headquartered in Whitely, UK. It is the brand of
Jaguar Land Rover. The company manufacture and trade in cars and operate globally. It was
founded by William Lyons in 1933.
LO 1
The evolution of globalisation is allowing business to expand in different countries. It has
provided a platform on basis of which firms can enter in different markets by offering new
commodities. They are able to integrate their operations in order to maintain efficiency. It has
allowed firms to trade across boundaries. There is drastic change in business functions. There are
several concepts and approaches applied at international level (Crane and Matten, 2016).
However, there are vast numbers of opportunities through which revenue can be generated.
Other than this, through acquisition it is easy for business to analyse market situation.
Many businesses functions have been positively impacted in different ways. For instance,
globalisation has allowed businesses to bring transparency in their ethics. So, it has made
changes in accounting function. In this ethics are followed where transactions are recorded and
reports are formed. So, it has resulted in allowing companies to trade ethically (Bratton and
Gold, 2017). It has benefited in economic growth. There are many drivers of globalisation such
as economies of scale, rise in competition, trade, etc. these all contribute in organisation growth
and development.
Due to globalisation business economic growth has improved. They are able to trade in
various countries and expand their target market. Also, firms have attracted new people by
offering them variety of products. Moreover, by generating more sales and profits, changes are
made in accounting function. In this technology is been implemented to ease in recording
transaction. So, it has also supported in maintaining integrity of data. However, there are many
other things as well included in it.
Apart from it, companies marketing function is impacted in positive way. They are able
to market their products in countries. It has benefited in generating awareness among people. For
this many new strategies are formed and other marketing techniques are used (Yin, 2017).
Through it, a better way of marketing approach is followed. The barriers or restrictions are
removed at global level Firms can advertise and promote goods without any restriction. Different
methods are used for marketing. It has supported in increasing customer base. With this
organisation is able to compete with other companies at global level. The ads are being made by
focusing on culture. It is helpful in diverting perception of people and gaining their attention.
With this business have added more customers. An effective and different marketing strategies
are developed and products are promoted (Enderle, 2018). There is also positivity in branding as
well as many new products are been launched under same brand name
Moreover, there is impact on HR function as well. Due to expansion company have hired
skilled and qualified employees. They have added more variety in their workforce. With more
experience and knowledge employees are able to work effectively. They use knowledge to bring
creativity in task. Thus, it has resulted in improving performance of enterprise. Alongside it,
firms are able to attract people and offer them more salary. Hiring of skilled workforce has led to
creating positive workplace culture. In this ethics are followed in maintaining culture (Lumby
and Foskett, 2016). Moreover, globalisation has allowed companies to inherit and include some
ethics related to culture. This has supported in improving culture and hiring of candidates. The
international policies are executed in HR practices. Each employee belongs to different caste,
creed, colour, etc So, it has enabled in improving culture within firm. This has changed
In another area global trade has benefited. When enterprise expands in other countries
they have to follow certain ethics. This allows them to work in ethical manner without any
restrictions. However, this builds positive image in minds of people.
There is positive impact on business operation with globalisation. Companies are able to
implement technology in their operations (Voegtlin and Greenwood, 2016). It has forced them to
make changes in operations to maintain product quality. The use of technology has allowed firms
to integrate operations in centralised way. By this, way of performing activities, communication
methods, etc. has enhanced. In addition to it, ethics are followed in operations to bring
sustainability. It has made changes in operation through use of concepts such as sig sigma, lean
technology, etc.
Aims and objective
Aim – To examine the positive, economic, cultural and ethical effect of globalisation on business
functions. A case study on Jaguar.
Objective –
To analyze perception of globalisation
To investigate positive effect of globalisation economically on business function
To evaluate positive influence of globalisation culturally and ethically on business
To investigate relationship between globalisation and its impact on business functions
Research question
What are the positive impacts of globalization on different business functions?
What is the relationship between globalisation and different business functions?
P2 Define project management plan covers different aspects.
For conducting study there are different resources required. It is necessary to analyze
requirements so that resources are utilized effectively. They are as follows: -
Cost - A research require cost for purchasing resources, travelling, etc. this factor can
highly affect research outcomes. In order to do present study, the overall cost required will be
approx. € 1500.
Time – It is an important aspect as study has to be completed in given time. Also, if there is
increase in time, cost will rise as well. Moreover, it helps in developing schedule and timeframe.
The study will be completed within 5 months.
Scope- The study will help in evaluating positive impact on business functions and how it
has benefited in company in growth and development. Moreover, the functions can be identified
that where changes can be done to grow at global level (Moore, 2016). The data can be used by
other companies in implementing changes within their functions. Besides this, in other areas like
R&D, SCM, etc. changes can be made. It will be useful to expand in other markets.
Quality – For scholar the quality of data and information has to be maintained. This is
because it helps in getting desired outcomes and maintaining integrity. Here quality will be
maintained by following certain standards and guidelines.
Communication- It is essential to have a proper way of communication in research. This is
because it helps in performing activities on time. Here, communication will be done via e mail
and smart phone.
Risk – There are various risks that can occur in conducting study. So, it may impact
negatively on outcomes and completion of study. In order to mitigate risks, a proper risk
assessment will be done. By this effective and proper measures will be taken.
Resources – Along with cost and time there are different resources which are required (Faghih,
2019). It includes stationary items, paper for printing, computer system, server for storing data,
etc. these resources are used to conduct investigation.
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