Managing A Successful Business Project - Nestle Assignment

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Managing ASuccessful BusinessProject
Table of Contents
Topic: How do multinational companies improve the recruitment, selection and training oftheir employees to meet International requirements?INTRODUCTIONGlobalisation is consider as a term that help in integration and exchange of resources,technology, currency and many more in various nation for reducing gap. It give possibility tobusiness organisation to spread out their operational activities at global level for attaining theiragonistic image (Buckley and Casson, 2016). This will improve the whole execution of thecompany and also aid in meeting international requirements. Current study is supported onNestle, is a leading food organization direct their enterprise in over the world. This project isgoing to discussed about project management plan that includes various feature like risk, scope,quality, communication and many more. Along with this, small scale enquiry by adoptingquantitative and qualitative research method is also discussed in this work that help in meetingits aims and objectives.TASK 1P1 Aims and objectivesAim:“To determine the ways in which multinational companies improve their recruitment,selection and training of employees in order to meet international requirements. A study onNestle”.Objectives:To determine the conceptof recruitment, selection and training.To define the benefits of recruitment, selection and training to Nestle.To evaluate the ways in which multinational companies can improve recruitment,selection and training of employees to accomplish international requirements.Questions:What is concept of recruitment, selection and training?What are the benefits of recruitment, selection and training to Nestle?What are the ways in whichmultinational companies can improve recruitment, selectionand training of employees to accomplish international requirements?1
P2 Project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication,risk, and resourcesPMP is a effective outline that provide direction to investigator to undertake the projectactivities in successful manner (Sidani and Al Ariss, 2014). Mainly, it required highlight thebasic requirements that help in attaining set goals and objectives of the company. With the use ofthis project plan, investigator can easily complete the whole research and attain positive andreliable outcomes. In this context, there are some elements that help in making a successfulproject management plan.Cost: This term is crucial that is required to completing the project activities. With outthis, no business plan taken into action as every kind of activities required adequate fund so thatentire activities can be done appropriately. As company make plan to better recruitment,selection and training method to workers to attain global requirements. For this, investigatorrequired approx £20000.Scope: Under this, the scope of this project is very wide because Nestle haveopportunities to direct their business concern at international level. Under this, firm requiredskilled and capable workers so that they can accomplish competitive image. This will providesupport to company to improve their performance and chances of attaining success atinternational level.Time: It is related with total computed time frame in which project required to becompleted. Thus, it is important for researcher to execute entire activities on the basis ofspecified time duration. This project take around 12 weeks to complete the project as it assistthem in accomplishing all the objectives in stipulate time frame.Quality: This element is related with the superiority of collected data and activities of theresearch. In this context, it is important for investigator to gather information with proper qualityso that appropriate result can be easily summarised and analysed (Mangusho, Murei and Nelima,2015). Collected data must be relevant, authentic, valuable and justifiable as well that may assistin completing research in successful manner.Communication: Proper interaction is important for every researcher to execute the taskactivities. In context of Nestle, project manager communicate with their workers to give themcontent towards the project goals and objectives. For attaining the same, various communicationtools are used by project manager like presentation, seminars, broadband, internet services and2
many more. All these are help in communicating with team members to complete the projectactivities.Risk: As this project is related with recruitment, selection and training to workers to meetinternational requirements (Kerzner, 2017). under this various risk factors are arise related tolack of privacy, hacking of information, confidentiality of data and many more. All these areadversely contact on the research project.Resources: For this research project, various resources are required like skilled and talentworkforce, adequate financial resources, advance feature of technology and many more. Allthese are crucial point that support investigator to execute project and also aid in meeting all thegoals and objectives in effective period of time.P3 Work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart to provide time frames and stages forcompletionWork break down structure:It is concerned with hierarchical structure in which biggertask is break down into smaller parts that become easy and simpler to effectively complete thetask activities in systematic manner. By using this structure Nestle can easily allocate the budgetto the different task that provide support in minimizing the possibilities of rise issues anduncertainty factors in the project activities.Gantt chart:It is also an important activity that used by researcher while makingproject management plan in which all the activities are set along with stipulate time frame.Mainly, it is related with graphical representation which show the entire project activities(Boussebaa, Sinha and Gabriel, 2014). With the help of this, company can monitor as well astrack task of the project in systematic manner. It may contribute in improving the chances ofcompleting the project in successful manner.TASK 2P4 Small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriatefor meeting project aims and objectivesResearch methodology is refers to a systematic plan that used by investigator toundertake and effective research activities. Mainly, it is theoretical analysis which consistmethods and principles to gather relevant data and information.3
Research method:It is related with the techniques, process and strategies which help incollecting data in order to understand about research topic and area as well (Huq, Chowdhuryand Klassen, 2016). In this research methods classified into two parts such as:Qualitative method:This of of method help in measuring data in theoretical manner as itassist in proving brief content about the particular investigation topic and area.Quantitative method:Under this, data is measured on the basis of statistical mannerwhich help in gathering reliable information about the theme to draw a valid decision.From these methods, researcher will use qualitative methods that help in them in provingdetailed message about the research area and topic.Data collection:It is consider as an effectual procedure of collecting information formdifferent sources that help in identifying a issues of the research. By this, researcher collectrelevant data to take risk decision. This can be categorized in two methods such as:Primary sources:This type of message is fresh and never investigated before. In this,investigator gather data from different sources such as questionnaire, survey,observations and so on. It assist in knowing individual opinion towards the researchobjectives.Secondary sources:Under this method, information is gather form various sources thatare already exist and investigate. Mainly, it consider various ways like books, journals,articles, newspaper and so on. As it is cost and time saving method that help researcher toeasily collect appropriate message about the research area.In this project, researcher adopt primary method that assist in developing questionnaire torealise the views and opinion of different respondents towards the selected research topic.Sampling:It is a process which implement in statistical analysis in which researcherselect number of observation from the larger group for gathering relevant data. In this, samplesize should be representative of population in which all the findings will be evaluated fromsample of population (Corredoira and McDermott, 2014). In this research, researcher use randomdata sampling method of select 30 respondents from the population. In this all the selectedparticipants are the workers of the company that provide their views and opinion to investigatorfor taking right and valid decision.QuestionnaireName:4
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