Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment: Nestle

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TITLE-How do multi-national companies improve the recruitment, selection and training oftheir employees to meet international requirements”. A study on Nestle.INTRODUCTIONRecruitment is generally known as the continuous process in which decisions are takenfor hiring and recruiting accurate candidates for right job. Selection is the process in whichappropriate candidate is being choosed for the effective functioning of every organisation.Whereas training is generally given for increasing and enhancing the skills of the workforce. Themajor purpose of organisations behind conducting functions related to recruitment, training andselection is to achieve the targets in the best possible manner(Almeida, Fernando and Sheridan,2012). This report will be based on Nestle which is currently operating its business activities invarious parts of the world. The organisation was established by Henri Nestle in Switzerland. Thisreport will majorly cover aims and objectives of the topic, formulation of the projectmanagement plan, WBS and Gantt chart. Tools and methods will also be used for analysing theinformation in the systematic manner. Qualitative and quantitative research will methods willalso be used for finding answers to the research problem.TASK 1P1 Draw project goals and aims for the organisation.Recruitment is the continuous process in which plans and strategies are made for fillingthe vacant job position in the organisation. Selection is considered as the process in whichappropriate and skilled individual is selected among the variety of other candidates. With thehelp of training current skills and knowledge of the employees are improved so that goals can beattained(Alonso, 2015). The major motive behind selecting Nestle is its is one of the largestorganisation which is operating in food industry. The management of organisation focuses onincreasing its revenue by selecting appropriate candidates for the national and international level.AimTo analyse how organisation can develop its recruitment, selection and training processfor its employees at the international level. A study on Nestle.Objectives-To gain basic knowledge of selection, recruitment and training process.
To identify appropriate measures for improving recruitment, selection and trainingmethods in the organisation.To know the different techniques used by Nestle to train its employees at internationallevel.To know identify how requirements for international market can be attained?QuestionsWhat is understood by recruitment, selection and training?How goals at international level can be achieved by recruitment, training and selectionmethods?What type of training methods are offered to employees of Nestle?What type of measures will be need for the fulfilment of international needs?Limitation of the studyHigh amount of cost will be involved for completing the training, selection andrecruitment process(Brown and May, 2012).Project ScopeUse appropriate methods of recruitment, training and selection for increasing thesustainability of organisation in the particular industry.Part 2Internal Recruitment- The management of Nestle focuses on recruiting capableemployees within the organisation. This method directly helps the organisation in increasing itssale and profitability in the best possible manner. The employees in this are selected byconducting various type of test and interviews. Internal recruitment is generally done in Nestleafter analysing the skills and capabilities of the individual.External recruitment- In this process candidate for the vacant job position is selectedfrom various other sources which are external to the organisation. This type of recruitmentprocess is done by attracting large number of candidates and offering job position to desirablecandidate(Clark, 2013).Job Description for the position at NestleSkills- Different set of skills will be required by the candidate for achieving objectives ofNestle at the international level. For example candidate will be required to have better
communication and time management skills, so that work can be completed within limitedperiod of time.Experience- The candidate must also have appropriate experience in a particular filed, sothat chances of duplication of work is reduced. By this work will be completed with less wastageof time.Role and responsibilities- Candidate will be assigned responsibilities as per its skills andcapabilities.Cost of the project plan- It is very much necessary for Nestle to formulate appropriate budgetfor the future course of action(French and Rumbles, 2010). With the help of this organisationwill be able to manage its cost which will be required for recruitment. Inappropriate formation ofbudget and fund will lead to increase in mismanagement of activities related to recruitment. Costplan for this process is discussed below-Total Forecasted BudgetParticulars2016-2017 ($)Research and Development60000Publicity expenses80000Plant and machinery installation expenses15000Training cost10000Booklet15000Total Cost180000P2 Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope time, quality.Project management plan is the written content which consist of vital information relatedto research project. By using this plan investigator will be able to manage the cost, time andother essential factors of research. Brief explanation of each and every factor related to projectmanagement plan are discussed below-
CostIt is the total expenses required for carrying the researchproject. The cost for this research is high because it willconsist of various methods such as data collection andanalysis,etc. If appropriate financial resources areprovided to the researcher than better conclusions willbe drawn out(Hartline and Bejou, 2012).ScopeThe researcher will have different kinds of scope andopportunities during the tenure of research project. Byusing this researcher can easily identify methods formeeting current trend of the market.TimeManagement of time is very essential for researcher. Aswith the help of this activities for research will becompleted within prescribed time period.QualityThe data collected by the researcher will be realistic andaccurate, so that better conclusions are drawn out.Quantitative and qualitative data will help theresearcher in conducting activities in the systematic andcoordinated manner.CommunicationResearcher must also have better and effectivecommunication skills. As with the help of this skillsinvestigator will be able to interact with the respondentsin a better and effective manner(Henry and Temtime,2010).RiskResearcher must also focus on reducing chances of riskand uncertainty. It is the duty of researcher to makeappropriate plans for monitoring and analysing the risk.As by doing this better use of resources will be done bythe researcher.ResourceResearcher will be having different kinds of resourcesfor collecting and analysing the data. These generally
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