Report on Impact of Digital Technology Sporting Small Business Growth

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INTRODUCTIONManaging a successful business is an important task in the era of globalisation andcompetitive market condition of the various business. The report will be focus on the impact ofdigital technology sporting small business growth and innovation. The organisation chosen in thereport is Motocaddy which was founded in the year 2004 to bring the effective design build andfunctionality to golfers of all ages and potential for look at affordable cost golf trolleys. Theymainly deal in the goods and services related with the golf. Mainly, they have presence in 40nations by their highly efficient team. As objectives of the firm and its aim in terms of the topic.In the plan of the project management which will covered aspect expenditure, range, period,choice, connection, hazard and asset for the work. The appropriate structure of the task divisionand Gantt charts will gives period frame and phase for wind-up. In addition, small size researchby formalising quantitative and qualitative approach of research is carried out by the scholar.The required to analysis the information utilised right way and method. Praise and own point onthe basis of appropriative research and data analysis according to own learning and performance.Task 1P1 Aims and objectives for impact of digital technology in supporting small business growth andinnovation for Motocaddy.Aims: To analyse the leading situation and possibility which have been shows from the firmfrom the implementation of integer break and technology changes.Objectives:To understand the concept of digital technology and innovation made in the smallbusiness organisation.To find the various technologies related to digital impact and innovation.To evaluate various challenges which have been faced by the firm after innovation andimpact of digital technology.To understand the requirement of the small organisation impact of digital technology andinnovation can made important changes in higher growth and development.
P2 Produce a project management plan that cover aspects cost, scope, time, quality,communication, risk and resource for the projectThe effective project administration action that covers aspect value, reach, period of time,choice, communicating, hazard and assets for the plan can be explained below in table:Task NamePeriod oftimeStartFinishPrecursorResearch project 80 days2/27/182/15/18Planning 21 days2/27/183/24/18Selection of research topic 10 days2/27/1803/09/18Developing problem statement 8 days03/10/183/20/182Setting the time frame for theallocation of resources 5 days3/21/18Fri 3/24/183Implementation 53 days3/27/1806/06/18Carrying out literature review 13 days3/27/1804/11/184Choosing research methodologies 17 days04/12/1805/03/186Calculation of the costs 7 days05/04/1805/11/189Data analysis and interpretation 19 days05/12/1806/06/1810Evaluation of outcomes 11 days05/12/18Thu 5/25/18104
Project closer 16 days5/26/18Thu 6/15/18province decision and praise 8 days5/26/1806/06/1812Proper documentation of results 6 days06/07/18Wed 6/14/1814Report of the submissions1 day6/15/18Thu 6/15/18155
P3 Work breakdown structure and Gantt chart to provide time frame and stages for completion.The activity dislocation composition in work administration is a techniques for acquiringa decomposable double standard work finished. It’s a manner to separate and control big sizeproject so the firm will get task in a effectively and efficient(Saunders and Lewis, 2012). It willhelps to make large project into smaller one and time will be divided as per the requirement ofthe firm to be accomplish it. On the other hand, the Gantt chart will be easily help to determinein the organisation.6

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