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Managing for Sustainability Assignment PDF

Added on - 31 May 2021

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Running head: SUSTAINABILITY1Managing for SustainabilityStudent’s NameInstitutionDate
SUSTAINABILITY2Eco-efficiency and sustainabilityEco-efficiency refers to the generation of increased value through the use of process changes,which are bound to help reduce resource exploitation and the impact of activities on theenvironment (Finkbeineret al. 2010). Eco-efficiency applies to a wide range of businessconcepts, which range from production, purchasing, distribution, and marketing. Sustainability,on the other hand, refers to the ability of natural systems to produce and maintain diversity ineverything it needs, to retain a balance in ecology (Finkbeineret al. 2010). Sustainability isfocused on human civilization, and how this helps in sustaining the way of life.Is CSL a worthy recipient of the Australian Sustainable Company of the Year Award?CSL is a worthy recipient of the Australian Sustainable company of the year award. Theorganization is wholly committed to improving its efficiency and maintaining the environment,as well as has a positive social impact (Moscardo et al. 2013). All these are positive objectivescoupled with the fact that the organization has made significant progress in water management,which reduces the level of water used in the reduction process (Moscardo et al. 2013). Resourcesaving is part of the sustainability objectives, which has been significantly achieved by theorganization.What is the relevance of the potential life-saving social benefits of CSL’s products to anevaluation of its sustainability?CSL made a contribution of $10 million towards patient support organizations, which is acontributing factor towards its positive engagement in sustainability (Moscardo et al. 2013). Theorganization also pledged three million towards the production of doses of the influenza vaccine,which is of social benefit. Such initiatives are essential to the evaluation of sustainability in theorganization, as its main aim is to ensure that adverse social problems are eliminated and that
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