Managing Human Capital and Leadership Assignment (Solution)

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INTRODUCTIONHuman Resource Management is the process with the help of which management ofpersonnel and their related issues is done in order to achieve goals and objectives of theorganisation. The company chosen for the completion of this assignment is Smith Brothers(Contracting) Ltd which was founded in the year 1999 and is headquartered in West Yorkshire. Itprovides their customers with different products and services such as high voltage powercontractor along with the team of highly skilled team of well talented engineers (Noe and et. al.,2017). The number of employees working in this organisation are around 200. The assignmentwill start with making its focus on models used to manage human resources in an organisation,critical discussion of recruitment and selection and recommendations to improve their processesalong with approach related to HRD and ways of improvement. In addition to this, criticalevaluation of classical theories of motivation will be done and proposition of hybrid theory inproviding the company with practical value. Lastly, discussion will be made about characteristicsof effective leaders with the help of models to justify it.TASK 1Approaches to Human Resource ManagementThere are different approaches to Human Resource Management with the help of whichSmith Brothers could make proper management of their human resources.The different modelsto Management of Human Resources is provided as under:The Standard Causal Model of HRM:The development of this model took place throughoutthe 90s and was completed in early 2000s. According to this approach, it has been made clearthat business passes through a casual chain which starts with the business strategy and ends toHR Processes by making improvements in financial performance of business. As this model saysthat HR Activities are linked with Organisational Strategy which leads to improved performance(Cascio, 2015). So organisation must focus on making good organisational strategy so thatperformance could be improved.The 8-Box Model: The following model was being developed by Paul Boselie. The followingmodel makes focus on different internal and external factors which impacts upon effectiveness ofHR Activities. As such the influence of low availability of labours in market and the impact of1
this external factors on HR Decision. The same for internally, such as low skills and efficiencylevel of employees and for this situation, the steps taken by HR to remove this issue.The strategy of HR consists of six parts with the help of which influence has been created bydifferent factors which have been explained as under:Intended HR Practises:The intention of HR Practises have been shown only at starting pointsuch as recruitment, training and other practises.Actual HR Practises:The actual practises are far away from that of intended. However, the ideamay be good but in real when it comes to implementation, it may not prove to be right enough.Perceived HR Practises:Sometimes, there becomes some confusion in the understanding ofemployees due to which the bets efforts made by HR and Manager does not prove to be fruitful.It is because of intentions and perceptions of employees in the way to which they want to take it.HR Outcomes:Due to the perceived HR Practises, certain positive outcomes are providedwhich are related to those of Standards Casual Model of HR (Manuti and De Palma, 2016).The practises and efforts made by HR areCritical HR Goalswhich provides the company withsome benefits such as cost effectiveness, flexibility, legitimacy and many more for the growthand development of an organisation. These goals later on turns intoultimate business goalsaswell.System Approach:In the following approach, it is set of interrelated and separatedelements or parts of working for a common goal as such use of different HR Practises is done inorder to get positive outcomes. This approach has been analysed from the above explainedmodels which are the Standard Casual Model of HRM and the 8 Box Model which focuses onorganisational strategy and policies and the influence of internal and external factors on theworking of an organisation. Smith Brothers identifies requirements of their employees for theirmotivation and keeping them retained in the organisation for a long period of time.From the above all explained approaches, the approach chosen by Smith Brothers isSystem Approach in which it makes use of different HR Practises in order to manager theirdedication and level of interest in the organisation along with retaining them with organisationfor a long period of time. In today's world, employees are provided with their own specificrequirements for motivation and keeping them engaged in the organisation, so the fulfilment ofdesires of employees will provide the company with positive results in retaining there for long2
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