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Managing Human Resource Assignment Solution

Added on - 12 Nov 2020

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Managing human resource
INTRODUCTIONHuman resource management is the process of controlling and managing workers in anorganisation. It involves and play some functions like hiring, training, motivating, controllingemployees. This study will show about the methods of recruiting and selection of candidateswithin the organisation (Alonso and Moscoso, 2017). HR adopts the best selection process inorder to achieve the best candidate for completing the given task and effectively doing the job.This report also shows about effective structure and writing skills that are required for employeesand students. Traditional method of interview consist of all oral questions and oral response thatare required for interviewer in order to selection candidates.TASK 11 Evaluation the effectiveness of traditional interview processes to select high quality candidatesHuman resource play an important role in any organisation as its main work is to hiring,recruiting, training etc. In order to achieve organisational goals HR focuses on recruiting andselection processes for hiring the best candidates for the company. It mainly concentrates on theskills and ability which are required for the vacant job in for completing the task effectively.There are various methods and processes of recruitment and selection of candidates for thecompany such as: Internal recruitment, external recruitment, traditional method of interview forselection, behaviour interview, stress interview, structured interview and unstructured interview.Selection is the process oh hiring and selecting the best candidate based on their qualificationsand capabilities out of all in order to fill the job. Interview process in selection are:Meaning of interview:Interview is the first step in selection process. It is the process ofcollecting information and all the details about candidate for selection and hiring. In this step HReliminates all those candidates which are not appropriate for the job or do not have the qualitiesaccording to given job. In this step HR check the qualities, qualifications, family background,their interest towards working with the company and ask all the necessary information face toface (Barnett and, 2015).Types of interview:There are several types of interview that different company follow fordifferent types of vacancies.The telephone interviewFace-to -face interview
Formal and informal interviewGroup interviewThe panel interviewTraditional interviewBehaviour interviewThe lunch and dinner interviewThe sequential interviewInterview which are based on competencyStress interviewTraditional interview:The questions which are asked in traditional interview tend to bestraightforward questions. It focuses on personality of candidates and the way of interacting withothers. In this style of interview, HR also see the way of handling situations and hypotheticalproblems. These questions make enables to candidates and interviewer to get to know each otherin a stressless environment. This process and method of interview help interviewer to knowabout confidence level of candidates. This help in eliminating stressful environment than caseinterviews.Significance of traditional interview:The main importance and characteristic of this interviewis in this type interviewer and candidates meet face-to-face. Interview get to know capability andspecial characteristic of candidate in order to meet organisational goals and requirements ofgiven job and post. Interviewer maintain eye contact and ask all the questions and provideanswer of candidate's questions. Interviewer and managers carefully review selection andrecruiting processes in order to ensure that selection methods of employees not only help tocontribute in enhancing organisational image but also predicts future job performance.Advantages of traditional interview:There are some importance and advantages of usingtraditional interview.Personal interaction:While conducting this interview, participants and candidates can connectwith interviewer. Interviewer can feel the feeling of candidates whether they are getting or not.When candidates feel safe and understand all the things then it becomes easy for interviewer totom open up and share emotions. On the other hand online survey and online interviews are notable to capture emotions (Fernandez, 2018).
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