Managing Information System Assignment Report

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MANAGING INFORMATIONTask 1 Critical discussion on the reasons of failure of the Information Systems inmany organizationsAn information system of an organization determines the organizational culture as well as theorganizational ethics followed by the same. Therefore, each department of the organization is animportant component in order to give the competent support to implementation of theInformation Systems. An information system comprises of a set of elements such as people,procedures and data. Therefore, all these functioning should be performed altogether to getthrough a successful implementation of the Information Systems in an organization. However,the main reason behind the failure of the Information System can be attributed to failure to meetthe requirements. It might also be attributed to the discontentment of a system to increase at sucha level that would leave no scope for sustenance of the system. However, the introduction of thesystem is solely attributed to the failure to the requirements of the budgets or due to lack ofcompletion time. Inability of the organizations to meet to the user’s needs is also to be attributedto the failure of the Information Systems in the organization. However, as per different studiesmajority of the results (as much as 189%) show the reason of project failure due to run over ofthe budget (Peppard and Ward, 2016). Such failure of the implementation of the InformationSystem is liable to bring about commercial embarrassment, financial loss and loss of revenuestreams as well as clients. Loss of morals of staffs and the stakeholder allegiance are also causedin most cases of failure of the Information System. However, the reasons for the failure of theInformation Systems can be entitled under certain heads. Poor communication process in the organization A good communication within an organization is required to exist in an organization in ordercompletion of different functions. Therefore, it is needed that a proper medium is selected tomake it reach to all levels within the organization. The role of a good communication system inorder serve for communication of the vision of the organization to all the members associatedwith the functioning of the organization. The system also allows receiving of feedback from thestaffs on their progress or on the progress of the organizational production. Thus, this also helpsin avoiding any unintended consequences within the organizational stature. This results inPage 3 of 15
MANAGING INFORMATIONconsistent management of leadership approaches in the organization (Galliers and Leidner,2014). Lack of efficient communication among the employees within a single level offunctioning as well as within the hierarchy is very important to enhance the process offunctioning of the organization towards successful implementation of the Information System.Any issues arising in the lower framework of working is liable to emerge with large discrepancyin functioning that might lead to failure of the Information System within the organization. Lack of competent guidance and coalitionA competent guidance is required to exist within an organization so that there is greater coalitionbetween the employees from several departments as well as among the managers. Therefore, thiswill determine the success of the organization in its implementation project. This success in thesefields requires the commitment to achieve the same. The leadership process in an organization ishighly dependent on the line-leadership that requires being strong within the organizationalstature. On the other hand, an organization is required to comprising of good coalition among thedepartments functioning within it (Introna et al. 2016). The organization must provide goodservices to the stakeholders through proper stakeholder engagement strategies. Besides, theefficient functioning of an organization is also attributed to the engagement of the top leaders inthe organization. Hence, is lack is addressed in such areas they should be resolved as soon aspossible. Any lack in this category is liable to leading failure of the projects of implementation ofnew Information System in the organization. Lack of change management Installation of the Information System in an organization is the most common example of theoccurring change management in the organization. Therefore, several monitoring exercises arerequired to produce certain functional outcome in the organization that is essential for the growthof the organization. Therefore, there are requirements of such criteria like provision of adequatestaffs, sufficient funding as well as coordination among the employees in an organization.Therefore, the management department of the organization needs to be cautious about theselection of methods to incorporate during the change in the organization. The change in thiscase is demonstrated by the implementation of the Information System integration in theorganization (Laumer et al. 2016). The process of change management can be best conducted inthe organization through the coordination among the peers as well as the team leaders. ThePage 4 of 15

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