Managing People at Work.

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Surname Managing People at WorkManaging People at WorkStudent’s nameCourseUniversityDate1
Surname Managing People at WorkIntroductionThe recruitment and selection are a critical strategy for managing people at work.Based on the human resource management models, the recruitment and selection strategywould define the success of the organization. For instance, the Fombrun model highlights theinterrelatedness of the functions of human resource management including appraisal,selection, development, and rewarding staff (Management Study HQ 2017). In most cases,these components of HRM enhance the effectiveness of the organization (Ashe-Edmundsn.d). This paper uses this theory to analyze the selection and recruitment in Aerecon. Thecompany can avoid bad hiring by sticking to the recruitment, selection, and retention theorythat have formed the basis of this assignment.Activity 1: Recruitment PlanRecruitment plan for Senior Wind Turbine Engineer/ Project ManagerStrategyGapDescriptionPossibletacticsTeamActionResponsibilityDeadlineTargetrecruitmentThecompanyhas failedto securetheservices ofqualifiedprojectmanagersthroughthe normalrecruitment processThecompany issearchingfor aprojectmanagerwith windturbineengineeringexperienceto lead itsTasmania’srenewableenergy inNorth-WestThetargetedsourcewould bethecompetitors in thesameindustrywhereAereconwill poachfor a seniorwindturbineengineerAdvertise the postRecruiterUrgentWorkforce planningThis will compel the recruiter to seek the approval of the HR to fill the positionReceived the approvalPosition DescriptionThe senior turbine engineer and project manager will be2
Surname Managing People at Workresponsible for the company’s new contract building Tasmania’srenewable energy future in the North-West. The candidate mustbe highly qualified and experienced in the contract-building fieldand project management (UCL 2016). The company expects thecandidate to possess exemplary interpersonal skills likecommunication and leadership skills. These skills will allow thecandidate to plan, implement, and commission the project (Ashe-Edmunds n.d).The candidate for this position must have strong negotiatingpowers and understand the law to facilitate the negotiation withthe government.RecruiterThe recruiter needs to draw a wish list with qualified engineers from thecompetitors. The recruiter will also draw the remunerations and incentives forthe identified candidates. The salary package will be $350,000 annually andrelocation allowance of $25,000SearchPlanThe recruiter should use the contacts and networks to reach out to theindividuals with the offer (UCL 2016).HRFast-track appointment3
Surname Managing People at WorkActivity 2Job Specifications: Project ManagerThe objective of Aurecon is to bring ideas into thus designing a better future (Aurecon2017). This involves turning challenges into solutions and benefits. The company undertakesmany projects across the world by offering design, advisory, asset, and delivery managementservices. Through innovation, technology, and ingenuity, the firm intends to invent complexand new value clients. The business operates in partnership with different clients to servecommunities with relevant projects (Aurecon 2017). Currently, the company is invitingqualified and experienced applicants for the position of senior project manager. Thecandidate should demonstrate the recent success in construction and design projects. Thecompany intends to offer the role on a permanent basis and guarantee career developmentopportunity.The qualified applicant must have significantly managed projects in the similarprofessional environment. Experience in client-side project management will be an addedadvantage to the candidate. The applicant should be able to apply outstanding projectmanagement principles in engineering/construction thus of solutions of varying complexity.The candidate should also demonstrate the ability to support multiple concurrent projectsthroughout the life cycle, such as financial management, contract administration, designmanagement, risk management, project scheduling, and tendering (The Herald 2011). Theproject manager should be able to manage work programs thus guarantee delivery to client’sspecifications, timeframes, and expectations. Finally, the qualified candidate should be ableto engage with many clients across industries.4
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