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Running Head: MANAGING PROJECTS 1Managing projects

MANAGING PROJECTS 2AbstractThis work provides valuable insight into the planning and management of any project.It focuses on the various aspects that need to be taken into consideration when there is a taskof handling a project such as the managing scope, the type of project, project qualitymanagement, budget planning, time planning and many tasks as such. To achieve the givenobjective, the assignment is divided in two parts- the first comprises a series of questions andanswers related to any project and the second involves planning of a specific project relatedto an organisation.

MANAGING PROJECTS 3ContentsTask OneTask Two1.Executive Summary2.Mission and Vision3.Start-up summaryStart-up expensesStart-up assets4.Market Segmentation5.Services6.Skills needed by the project manager7.Strategy and Implementation Summary8.Competitive edge9.Marketing strategy10.Publicizing11.Pricing Strategy12.Sales strategy13.Management Summary14.Challenges in project management15.Conclusion16.References

MANAGING PROJECTS 4Task OneAnswer 1There are different kinds of projects that fall under project management. To start upona specific one, it is imperative to identify the category it falls under. Broadly, the kinds ofprojects are as such:Managerial: Administrative activities include scholarly labourers. Its scope may varyas the venture continues. Development: Construction is an agreement business where the extension is presentedin detail before the venture begins and the degree of hazard is generally little for themeasure of speculationHardware or System Installation: The objectives are well laid out and speed isfundamental. Hazard ought to be low if the venture was systematically planned.Projects of event management: This is a stand-out venture where degree may changeamid the venture and instability is high[ CITATION You02 \l 16393 ]. Answer 2The statement of scope is a very integral part of a project. Keeping that in mind Iwould incorporate in my managing scope statement the following:Justification of the project purposeEvaluation of product scopeAcknowledgement criterionDeliverablesTo elucidate the subdivision of the scope of work, the traceability matrix is a veryhandy and convenient tool. The framework is a table that follows every prerequisite through

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