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Running Head: MANAGING RESEARCHManaging ResearchName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1MANAGING RESEARCHThis article uses a descriptive research design. Describe the characteristics of this researchdesign and evaluate its appropriateness. Was this design sufficient to address the researchobjectives, or would you suggest another design?Descriptive research design usually describes the features of the people, object, groups,environment and the organizations. Descriptive research mainly tries to describe the givensituation. This type of research is conducted after the researcher has gained all the necessaryinformation of the situation that has to be studied. The information will be collected using theexploratory research and the findings will be developed and made understandable with the helpof descriptive research design.The main characteristics of the descriptive research design are given as follows:The main conditions of the facts in a case that is under the study can be ascertained by thedescriptive research design.This research mainly provides a qualitative or quantitative or both qualitative andquantitative measures of the case that is under the study.The cause of the main conditions is not under the importance.The conditions of the case may be studied at different time-points and the changes thathas taken place in between these time-points should be noted for the purpose ofevaluation.The characteristics between two different groups must be evaluated to identify theirdifferences and their similarities.Control of the variables or its conditions is not done usually in descriptive researchdesigns.
2MANAGING RESEARCHBesides case studies, all the descriptive studies are cross-sectional. Thus, descriptiveresearch design usually studies the different sections involved in the same group.The studies that are usually conducted on the main conditions of the case that is under thestudy can be repeated in order to verify or compare the results with the previous results.The current case study is mainly focused on the styles in which decision is made for thestudents of the university while purchasing sports shoes and mobile phones. The decision ismade on the basis of the following three reasons.The students of the university are young adults and they have buying powers. They alsohave the potential so that they can increase their buying power.The most important market of the mobile phones is given by the students of theuniversity.Various styles of decision-makingsare related to different types of retail businesses.Since mobile phones and sports shoes are common between students as well as serve as amajor part of fashion and technology, it is important to make the right decision for theseproducts. The main objective of this research is to identify whether the stronger decision makingstyle of the foreign brand increases the possibility of staying with the foreign products. To do theresearch, data has to be collected and then analyzed in order to understand on what basis thestudents are making their decisions. Thus, descriptive research design is the most appropriateresearch design for this study.
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