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Managing SuccessfulBusiness Project
TITLE: “The impact of digital technology supporting small business growth and innovation”INTRODUCTIONInnovation is consist to be an effective element and plays crucial role in progress anddevelopment of business at market place. In this modern era the major purpose of each businessorganisation is to attaining higher growth and success through enhancing the profitability of firmat market place. In this report Continental Consulting Limited is a chosen organisation. It is aresearch and business consultancy which is owned by Mario Bindas. In today's modern worldpeople are very much based on digital tools and technologies and it is necessary for a small aswell as large business organisation is to use digital tools and technologies as to rendering highquality products and services to their potential buyers (Bruce, Malcolm and O’Neill, 2017).There are various kind of equipments within digital technologies such as computer, IT facilities,mobile phones, these are effectual in supplying different kind of benefits to the firm or itsoperations. This report contents the study about the aim and objectives of firm, the importance ofinnovation in attaining higher growth and profitability along with project development plan, asmall scale research through applying qualitative and quantitative methods and in the endessential data and information will be concentrated and interpreted in appropriate manner. TASK 1P1 Aims and objectives of this studyThe major focused area of each small as well as large business organisation is to attaininghigher development and success at market area through applying various new and advancetechnologies. In the world full of digitalisation it is necessary for each business organisations touse digital equipments as to long run of business activities within the competitive market. In themodern era, traditional methods are not appropriate in nature in regards to marketing and due tohigh competition organisations are concern on replacing the traditional method by adoptingdigital technologies (Christopher and et. al., 2011). Digital technologies has turned out to beessential piece of business. It is being ensured by the innovation that the activities are beingcompleted in better and powerful way. Different sorts of technologies are being developed insidethe market and organisation avails its benefits which are relying upon the reasonableness ofbusiness. Innovation causes organization to include better rivalry inside the market and in this1
manner deliver the results which are being normal. The appropriate selection of the digital toolsand technologies provide monitory benefit to the firm or its various business operations.Continental Consulting Limited is a research and business consulting company, the mainbusiness of the firm is business process Re-engineering and potential buyers involve small andmedium size manufacturing organisations which are located in and around London and GreaterLondon. The company has applying old IT tools and technologies and it is required for them tomake some innovation in their tools and technologies as to attaining higher growth and successat market place (Sullivan, 2017). Title of the Research: “The impact of digital technology supporting small business growth andinnovation”. A case study on Continental Consulting Limited. Background of the Project: In today's modern world competition is on its peak and it is the prior responsibility oforganisations to attaining higher competitive edge in respect to providing high competition totheir rivals. Technologies plays vast role in managing organisational operations and activities ineffective manner. As a small and research and business consulting organisation it is essential forContinental Consulting Limited to make appropriate innovation in their tools and technologies asto providing satisfactory products and services to their significant customers in respect toattaining high growth and profitability at market place (Li, Tan and Hida, 2011). It is essentialfor firm or its higher authority to analyse the needs or firm as to making appropriateimprovement in their operations so that firm can sustain an effective position at market place. Asa small business firm Continental Consulting Limited has come up with the IT needs and focusedon making appropriate changes and innovation in their technologies in respect yo attaininggrowth. Research Aim: “The impact of digital technology supporting small business growth andinnovation”. A case study on Continental Consulting Limited. Research Objectives:To analyse the importance of innovation in the growth of small business enterprises. To identify the impact of digital technology on business activities. To ascertain the interrelationship between digital technologies and small business growth.Research Questions:What is the importance of innovation in the growth of small business enterprises? 2
What is the impact of digital technology on business activities? How to ascertain the interrelationship between digital technologies and small businessgrowth? P2) Project Management Plan. Project direction plan is consist to be the most essential element for each businessenterprises as it is effective for an firm to build an appropriate plan in order to accomplishingorganisational desired goals and objectives in appropriate manner. In an organisationmanagement plays vast role in creating an appropriate project management plan in respect toimplementing all activities in a systematic manner (Harmaala, 2015). There are various elementwhich consist to be the most effective factor and provide support to the project management planto organise all business operations in systematic manner, in which some are evaluated as below: Cost: This states as the most essential element which plays crucial role in creating an effectiveproject management plan. As a small business enterprises Continental Consulting Limited needsto have proper flow of funds and capital because there are various activities which will needcapital to complete such as raw material, cost of assembling various parts, machines, labour etc.The major obligation of a manager is to design an appropriate budget in which a significantamount is allotted to each activity. A proper budget is effective in adoption of technology withinthe work place. An estimation of cost which is incurred in the project is described as below: Total forecasted budgetParticular 2017-18(£)Implementing technology cost18000Promotional expense6000Advertisement expense5200Catalogues 1800Training charges6500Total cost37500Scope: This also consist to be an another major facto which plays effective in creating aneffective management place (Sople, 2016). Each business has some scope and they work as toreaching at their desired aims and objectives. As a small business concern the major scope ofContinental Consulting Limited is to expansing its business operations through follow new and3

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