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Managing Successful Business
Digitalisation means use of digital technology in day to day activities. Business activities
includes various commercial activities which helps to achieve targets. There is requirement of
change in working style with the help of new techniques. Digitalisation is essential to make good
image in industry. In digitalisation, social media is one of the important concept which includes
use of social websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in, etc. in working style. There are
many changes has to be taken place in working style which assist managers to do commercial
activities in appropriate manner. Social media is a platform which provides knowledge about
product and services to society. This is the method which helps to target number of customers at
a time (Bakker and et. al., 2011). This report is based on Continental Consulting Limited which
is enterprise research and consultancy firm which provides services to client residing around
London and Greater London. This report puts light on project aims and objectives, small scale
research, methods of gathering information and data collection, recommendations and conclusion
of project and lastly usefulness of research for organisation.
P1 Aims and objectives of Project
To make a project report an administration of Continental Consulting Limited needs to
implementation of digitalisation in the organisation. In this company use social media
technology which is one of the main part of digitalisation. Company is thinking to enhance their
information technology tools which assist them to enlarge business operations and activities
effectively and easily (Zhao, 2012). In order to achieve long term goals and objectives of project,
business entity implement social media. It is essential way for the company to attract large
number of customers and complete all activities within give time period. In the marketplace,
there are tough completion in maintaining strong position at them, so in this all organisation try
to implement digitalisation.
This technology support the business to accomplish their preset goals and objectives. It
will also help the company to gain competitive edge through using digitalisation (Crane and
Matten, 2016). Thus, it is simple for company to promote their name via digitalisation. There
are chances to make awareness among workers about techniques which are important and
effective for business development and success. As there are different challenges, so it is
necessary to modify their technology. There are various sources of marketing services and
products such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. these provides positive effect on business operation.
Topic: “To investigate the influence of digital technology on enhancing growth and
innovation of business. A case study on Continental Consulting Limited.
Project Background:
Social media is cellular phone and primarily internet based tools and applications to share
data among people. It includes famous networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Thus
social media platform is more significant and valuable for the company to introduce their
services at marketplace and to the customers at speedy manner. In this study Continental
Consulting Limited administrator are performing to come with advanced technology which are
essential and effective for growth and development (Eweje, Turner and Müller, 2012). To
develop Social media tool in the organisation as at help the business to easily achieve their long
term objectives and goals in allotted time period. This technology help the Continental
Consulting Limited to manage their work and activity as well as gain competitive advantage in
given time duration.
Aim: “The impact of digital technology supporting small business growth and innovation”.
To evaluate implementation of social media is essential for Continental Consulting
Limited or not.
To determine importance of social media technology in growth and innovation of
Continental Consultancy Limited. To ascertain different resources needed by Continental Consultancy Limited to utilize
Social media technology.
Research questions:
Does the implementation of social media is essential for Continental Consulting Limited
or not.?
What is the importance of social media technology in day to day activities and functions
of Continental Consultancy Limited.?
What are the different resources needed by Continental Consultancy Limited to utilize
Social media technology ?
P2 Project management plan covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk
and resources
Project management plan is effective tool which provides knowledge about time, cost
indulge in completion of project. This is guide map which helps employees to perform project
operations in effective and efficient way. While running project there is requirement of planning,
execution and controlling project activities according to project management plan. Sometimes
there is difference in pre- determined activities and actual outcomes. In this main coverage areas
are- task, activities and resources (Fisher, 2011). While performing activities of project there are
some activities such as cost, resources, time, etc.
Scope:- Scope is one of the essential question which arise in mind of researcher. Social
media has very wide scope which helps to perform commercial activities in more relevant and
manner. With the help of social media marketing of services by Continental Consulting Limited.
This helps to improve overall performance of organisation. It is easy with the help of social
media to deal with stakeholders and hence there is increment in goodwill of organisation. When
stakeholders are ware about plans and policies of Continental Consulting Limited so this helps in
smoothly running of business operations. Scope of completing this project helps to grab
knowledge about social media. There is requirement of proper guidance and planning which
helps to attain goals and objectives and complete project on time.
Cost:- Cost is also important factor which has to be considered by managers of
Continental Consulting Limited. In order to implement social media in working style, this is
cheap method and good revenue can be achieved. As marketing is easy with the help of social
media such as Facebook, Instagram, You- tube, etc. Revert from this sources is positive as
compared to capital invested (Incelli, 2013). Cash flow and fund flow is positive with the use of
social media. Implementation of new technique is effective for working in organisation and at
the same time it helps to motivate workers to work with latest technology. Implementation and
promotional costing of social media for Continental Consulting Limited is 10000£. Apart from
this while performing this research, there is requirement of cost for collecting information,
gathering and maintaining data, etc. This cost must be maintained by researcher so it does not
succeed budget.
Total forecasted budget
Particular 2017-18(£)
Promotional expense 10000
Implementing technology cost 10000
Advertisement expense 2000
Learning cost 2000
Catalogues 5500
Total cost 29500
Time:- Time required to implement social media is less but as technological changes are
taking place with rapid speed, so this is time consuming process. Continental Consulting Limited
must use critical path and time frame techniques which helps to provide knowledge about time of
completion of project (Keller, Parameswaran and Jacob, 2011). As there are various departments
in Continental Consulting Limited so it is essential to proper deliver instruction about completion
of task this helps to complete project on time. Time required to complete this project is 9- 10
weeks. This can be attained with proper analysis and planning. This helps to complete project on
time. Time members must be communicated related to project activities, so targets can be
Risk:- Social technology is risky because of many up-gradations frequently, so there is
risk of obsolete of technology. Sometimes there are possibilities that workers are not ready to
work under new techniques, so this has impact on working style of Continental Consulting
Limited. There is requirement of training of employees which helps to perform operations in
more effective manner. Continental Consulting Limited gets ease in working style with the help
of digital technology. So there is less possibilities of negative impact and it can be improved with
the motivation of managers. There are some risk which arise while performing research. There
are possibilities of miscommunication among team mates, so this affects completion of project in
negative manner. There is risk of hacking of data, duplication of research activities, etc. This can
be saved with proper techniques and communication.
Communication:- There is ease in working style of workers at Continental Consulting
Limited. With the help of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Duo, etc. it helps to

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