Assignment on Managing and Human Resources Functions

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Running head: MANAGING THE HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONManaging and coordinating the Human Resources FunctionName of the studentName of the universityAuthor note
1MANAGING THE HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONQuestion: 1For the contemporary business organizations, human resource management is one of thekey aspects to be considered in order to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. There arevarious organizational objectives for the human resource management in the current businessscenario (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). One of the key objectives of human resourcemanagement is to driving and enhancing organizational productivity. Human resourcefunctionaries have the responsibilities of defining the clear and precise organizational goals andaim for the employees. Stating out clear goals will help the employees to have the fair idea aboutthe goals and objectives that they have to accomplish in the organization. Thus, it will help themto work accordingly (Shinkle 2012). Moreover, another objective of the human resourcemanagement is to maintain the effectiveness of the organizational structure be effectivelyrecruiting and training them. Human resource management is responsible to select rightemployees for the right job at the right time. Thus, having the rightly expertise employees for theright job will help the organization to have more effective and efficient workforce. In additiontraining being given by the human resource functionaries also helps the existing employees toenhance their expertise and skills according to the current market and business requirement(Chinomona 2013).Another key organizational objective is the creation and maintaining of coordination andunderstanding among the departments in the organization. For the current business scenario,coordination among the departments is required and importance to have the end products orservices according to the requirement of the customers. Thus, human resource management isresponsible for the effective coordination of the all the departments in the organizations byeffectively allocating resources and training their employees (Bouckaert, Peters and Verhoest
2MANAGING THE HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTION2016). Moreover, various activities are being initiated by the human resource management in theorganization in order to increase the mutual cooperation and understanding among thedepartments. Another objective of human resource management is to enhance the job satisfactionof the employees. Various initiatives being taken by the human resource managers such asinitiation of the employee welfare activities along with providing and skill development trainingand different types of job enrichment will help the employees to be more equipped and moremotivated in their workplace (Gunaseelan and Ollukkaran 2012).However, for the contemporary business organizations, the definitions for humanresource management are rapidly evolving. This is due to the reason that, contemporary businessorganizations are operating in different and diverse sectors and competing with severalcompetitors. Thus, definition and organizational objectives for the contemporary businessorganizations are different and diverse. For instance, the importance of training being discussedearlier is different for different organizations (Ford 2014). A few years ago, the key motive toprovide training to the employees is to train them in accomplishing the particular job. However,the definition of the training from being just providing assistance for the employees have beenevolved to one of the key factors of enhancing the motivation of the employees (Lazaroiu 2015).For the contemporary business organizations, training helps them to equip the employees indealing with the organizational challenge. Moreover, for the employees in the contemporarybusiness organizations, employees have to be trained with different set of skills and expertise,which are also to be enhanced by the use of the training.In the human resource management, recruitment and selection of the employees refers tothe selection of the right employees for the right job. However, in the contemporary businessorganizations, recruitment depends on various different and diversified aspects such as the
3MANAGING THE HUMAN RESOURCE FUNCTIONdifferent needs in different departments (Bryson, James and Keep 2013). Accordingly the humanresource managers have to select the employees. Moreover, in the current business scenario,human resource managers have more options of having talent pool such as having the option ofonline job portals. At one point of time, the key objective of the human resource managers is tomaintain the human resource in the organization. On the other hand, in the contemporarybusiness organizations, human resource managers not only will manage the human resources, butalso they have to look after the effectiveness of the employees and accordingly they have toinitiate various initiatives (Bratton and Gold 2012).As discussed earlier, human resource management plays an important role in enhancingthe effectiveness and productivity of the employees as well as other stakeholders, however, thekey objectives of the human resource management will only be achieved if it is being managedethically and professionally. This is due to the reason that, the key concept of the human resourcemanagement stands on the ethical principles (Crane and Matten 2016). As discussed earlier,human resource management deals with the employees and thus initiation of the ethicalprinciples in managing human resources will help the organization to instill the ethics among theemployees. Moreover, following of ethics and professional code of conduct is important in thehuman resource management due to the reason that, human resources functionaries should haveequal and neutral view on all the organizational departments. Otherwise, employees from all thedepartments will not have the equal opportunity of having training and human resource activities.The more ethical principles and professionalism will be followed by the human resourcemanagers, the more will be the effectiveness of the employees (Shahid and Azhar 2013). This isdue to the fact that, the employees will possess those skills, which will be provided to them. Anytypes of injustice with the employees will have negative impact on the entire workforce. Thus, it
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